Hosted Desktop

Access and run your shared business applications anywhere, anytime and on any device.

A Hosted Desktop gives you everything you need to run all your business systems in the cloud.   This means you can access them wherever you are: In the office, in a branch office, at home, in a hotel, on the train, anywhere over the internet.   You can easily run a Hosted Desktop over 3G or 4G mobile network.

With prices starting from only £19.10 per user per month you have the potential to halve your IT costs, removing the need for in house servers and their corresponding support, maintenance, upgrade, and replacement costs.  Instead, benefit from the economies of scale of the enterprise class/world class infrastructure of the Your Office Anywhere cloud.

Features and Benefits of a Hosted Desktop


Read this article on how G2S Group replaced their aging infrastructure with a Hosted Desktop solution to run Microsoft Office and Sage for 32 users initially, now increased to over 50.

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