Application Hosting. Your Business Apps in the Cloud

Hosting your specific hosted applications or application with YourOfficeAnywhere in the cloud allows you to access virtually any application over the internet using Microsoft Terminal Server Services and Microsoft Remote Desktop. To see a video of the solution working seamlessly on various platforms then please click here (external link) which will give you access to all videos we have posted on our solutions. Note that our solution works with desktops running all supported Microsoft platforms, MAC, iPad and Androids with software freely available from the various providers stores.

Unlike most other providers we will work with you to get your application available to you as an “ApplicationsAnywhere” solution so you can access the application over the internet. In most cases this is not charged for and is included in the monthly charge/setup fee for the server.

The only requirement is that the application will run on a Windows Server and in Microsoft Terminal services or Remote Desktop services which we can help and advise on. This basically provides you with the ability to access your application anywhere without having to re-code the application to make it “web enabled”, our solution effectively does this for you and web enables legacy technology making it available anywhere over the Internet.

All we require is that you provide the application and any necessary licenses plus your current data. We provide the Windows Enterprise Class Server hardware, associated Windows Client Access Licenses (CAL – Microsoft License) and Terminal Server CAL’s. If required we can provide you with local administrative rights on the server so you can manage the application, however access to the Windows Operating system is locked down meaning you should never be able to break the server.

The system is paid for monthly and costs from as little as £19.10 per user per month based on current license costs. And yes we do take care of the backups, backing the server up and any associated data each night!

The system doesn’t require a VPN or complicated setup all you need is the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client (RDP) which is available on all recent Microsoft Operating systems, MAC, Android and IOS. To access the Enterprise Class Server running the application all that you need to do is click on a shortcut we send to you and all the data is encrypted over the internet as well.

If you are looking to offer work from home, would like to access systems whilst on the move, or have multiple offices where you don’t know where to put your applications so everyone can access them – YourOfficeAnywhere is the solution for you. Oh and did we mention we are a Microsoft Partner for Hosted Solutions – so you know your system is safe with us.

For more information and a real life demo of the solution please contact the office or see our videos.

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