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Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender Cloud Security

Consistently ranked No1 for detection and malware prevention

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender has perfected machine learning algorithms to accurately identify new threats. This coupled with other advanced security layers such as Continuous Process monitoring, Anti Exploit, and content and device control allow Bitdefender to even the most sophisticated ransomware and zero-day threats.

Bitdefender not only leads the rankings for malware detection but also performance, demonstrating the lightest possible impact on protected systems to avoid slowing down PCs and generating false positives.

Monthly usage-based licencing

The other reason we recommend Bitdefender is the simplicity and flexibility of licencing. There are no long-term contracts, simply pay as you go. The monthly invoices simply reflect the number of devices protected within the month.

Cloud Console

Customers can deploy and manage the devices from Bitdefender’s Cloud console, so no server needed to manage endpoints.

Key Features

Complete Antivirus and Antimalware

Bitdefender includes a combination of antivirus and antimalware so you only need one security solution. Simplifying deployment and reducing costs.

Endpoint Risk Analysis

Helps reduce the attack surface by discovering and then prioritising risky operating system and software misconfiguration to facilitate continuous security improvements.

Machine Learning Threat Prevention

Bitdefender has more than 10 years’ experience perfecting machine learning algorithms to block elusive new threats and minimise false positives.

Exploit Defence

Bitdefender protects against new and unknown attacks by blocking specific exploit techniques in memory used to hijack legitimate applications.

Continuous Process Monitoring

Advanced Threat Control monitors running process for signs of suspicious and malicious behaviour and can detect and block attacks and malware that elude other security layers.

Network Attack Defence

Detects and blocks network attacks such as Brute Force, Password Stealers, Network Exploits and lateral movements.



Bitdefender is priced at a simple £1.95 per month per endpoint e.g. a PC. As you add it to new PCs or remove from old PCS the change is reflected in the next invoice.

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