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There are a good many reasons why businesses want to continue using older “legacy” applications and cloud enable legacy applications.   They may be bespoke written, the developer or vendor may no longer be in business, or they may simply work so well that there is no business benefit in upgrading or changing the application.

Cloud Enable Legacy Applications why would a business want it

Cloud technology provides a number of benefits for businesses and some specifically come to mind when thinking about legacy applications:

  • Hardware – Often legacy applications are running on legacy hardware. Rather than replacing the hardware when it becomes unsupportable an alternative is to run the application on a hosted remote desktop service, in effect renting the new hardware. 
  • Older versions of Windows – As with hardware above, the ending of support for an operating system is often the catalyst to replace the server itself. In this situation there is an opportunity to move to cloud hosting and save capital.
  • Ability to work anywhere – Businesses are more mobile than ever before and home or remote working is commonplace. Users of business applications should be able to use them anywhere. However, this doesn’t mean businesses need to discard their legacy application in favour of a newer “cloud based” one.  Simply moving the application and any corresponding data to a hosted remote desktop service will give the business all the remote working flexibility it needs.
  • Ability to use any deviceHosted Desktops just require a remote desktop client application to work. These are available free on app stores for most modern devices.  So if a business is moving to tablets for its workers then the legacy application will be available as well.

IT companies have traditionally relied on the replacement of hardware and upgrading systems as their source of revenue.  However these project are one-offs and not ideal for cash flow. Reselling hosted desktop services provides a continuous revenue stream for the IT company for as long as the customer remains on the platform.

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