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Cloud Hosting FoxPro Applications

FoxPro Developers – cloud enable your FoxPro based application with no code changes.

Cloud or web based applications are becoming common place, businesses enjoy the flexibility and simplicity of beingfoxpro able to use the application wherever they are and not have to worry about IT infrastructure, licences, backups etc. etc.

However, not all applications lend themselves to being web based, and I suspect I’m not alone in feeling that web based applications don’t seem to be as responsive or feature rich as locally installed desktop or client/server applications.

Hosted Desktops or Hosted Applications enable developers to offer their customers a cloud based version of their
application with no re-coding required by utilising hosted Terminal Services (now known as Remote Desktop Services) to give the users a RemoteApp or Remote Desktop that they can access from anywhere in the world over the Internet.

One area we have seen a lot of interest in recently is the hosting of FoxPro based applications including Accounting, Stock Control and CRM type applications all hosted on terminal servers and served as a Remote Application.

Included in the solution for a hosted FoxPro system would be a dedicated Windows server plus all the other infrastructure required to stream the FoxPro application over the Internet.  This includes Windows Active Directory, Remote Desktop Gateways, Brokers, storage, plus all the security measures you would expect including backups to a second data centre, Anti-Virus, Windows Updates and 24/7 support for critical issues.

If you develop FoxPro applications and are looking for a quick, robust and reliable method of providing a cloud based solution for your customers hosted FoxPro is the answer.   Your customers would pay from just £28.50 per user per month to host your FoxPro application and you would get a 15% discount or rebate, so not only is it a zero cost, simple and effective way of adding Cloud to your application portfolio it is also a good revenue stream.

Why not get in touch with one of our technical sales consultants who can explain in more detail about the solution.  We can also provide a test server for you to try your application out for real and you can see for yourself how a Hosted FoxPro application performs as well as a local version but with all the benefits of cloud technology.

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