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Microsoft Desktop as a Service – DaaS

Microsoft recently clarified what can and cannot be licensed as part of a  by producing a document “Providing Desktop as a Service”. A selection of the FAQs are listed below as they also answer questions customers ask us all the time.

Can I host the Windows Desktop Operating System as DaaS?

No. No option is available to provide a hosted virtual desktop using the Windows Desktop Operating System ( Windows 7 or Windows 8 ) but we can provide an almost identical experience using our Managed Desktop Solution which is fully compliant with Microsoft’s licensing model on our physical hardware rented to you the customer.

Can I host Microsoft Office alongside Microsoft Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?

Yes. We can provide additional software services to your dedicated outsourcing requirements via our managed desktop solution.

Does Microsoft support offering streamed Microsoft Office to complement my DaaS service?

No. The desktop as a service solution does not provide rights to stream Microsoft Office to a remote device and have the user run it locally. We can, however, provide a hosted Microsoft Office solution through remote desktop services.

Can I take advantage of License Mobility through Software Assurance to receive a hosted desktop experience/DaaS?

No. The Windows Desktop Operating System is not eligible for License Mobility through Software Assurance.

So the top and bottom is?

Under the rental license agreement we provide we can provide to you a Windows Desktop Experience (this is provided via a Windows Server license not a Windows Desktop Operating system license). Any cloud provider who is providing a Windows Desktop Operating system under a monthly rental agreement is not adhering to the Microsoft licensing policies and is braking the license agreement. However we can still run any of your applications on our managed platform but in most cases if it is a Microsoft Application it will need to be licensed by us on your behalf on a monthly basis except in exceptional circumstances which we can advise on (this would be larger companies who already have a volume license agreement with Microsoft).