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Run your business from anywhere with a Hosted Desktop from Your Office Anywhere. Our Hosted Desktops offer security, performance, and reliability. With full backup, Server Antivirus, Windows Updates, 24/7 accessibility and Support, and 99.5% uptime guarantee.

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Your Office Anywhere is based in the UK and has been at the forefront of Cloud Hosting, the technology behind hosted desktops and remote desktop services we call “Applications Anywhere”. We have led the way in Desktop as a Service (DaaS) on various platforms not just PC’s. For example using a hosted desktop, you can now run your Windows application on pretty much any device such as tablets (iPad/Android) and Apple MAC. No one knows more about out-sourced hosted systems, we set the bar in hosted desktop professional standards in a field that is constantly evolving.  If you want to find out more about hosted desktops in general, hosted desktop pricing or even becoming a re-seller then take a look:

A hosted desktop allows users to work remotely with instant access to data and applications and all files are secured and backed up.

Our Services

Hosted Desktops

Host any application in the cloud to be accessed at any time.

Sage Accounts Hosting

Host Sage in the cloud with multiple users & no hassle.

Microsoft Access Hosting

Host Microsoft Access Online to share your Access database with any number of users, in any location, on any device.

SQL Hosting

Host your application on a dedicated cloud based terminal server (remote desktop server) and connect to a dedicated hosted SQL Server instance.

Hosted Desktop Pricing

With a wide range of services to choose from, you can learn more about hosted desktop pricing using our pricing calculator


Cardium was the only organisation I approached that immediately understood Age UK Essex’s zero desktop support strategy. They fully understood the concept of using Chromebooks and other devices (including Windows) to deliver a managed Windows 7 desktop environment to support legacy dependencies that fully integrated with our Google Apps deployment. Cardium then went on to work with me to produce a detailed technology specification to a tight budget. I was impressed with Cardiums “can do” attitude, extensive knowledge and willingness to prototype solutions at low risk to Age UK Essex. Cardium have continued to deliver excellent customer service which is cost effective and responsive.

Robert Stanford

IS Manager, Age UK


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What is a Hosted Desktop?

The term Hosted Desktop covers a range of technologies and services that are designed to provide a virtual computer desktop environment, with all its range of applications and utilities, that runs not on the individuals PC, but on a hosted computer in a dedicated data centre and accessed over the Internet.

How does a Hosted Desktop run?

A Hosted Desktop is commonly run a Windows server based operating system which has a familiar look and feel to people used to working on a Windows PC. Hosted Desktops are accessed using a Remote Desktop “Client” application such as: Microsoft Terminal Services Client, Microsoft Remote Desktop Client or other 3rd party applications such as Ericom Blaze. Remote Desktop software is available for most operating systems so the hosted desktop can be accessed from a wide range of devices including Windows PCS, Tablets, Mac OS X, iOS (iPads, iPhones) and Android tablets and phones.

Hosted Desktops – How providers operate

Hosted Desktop providers typically operate from secure industry standard data centres which provide the security and resilience expected by enterprise class organisations but are shared across hundreds or thousands of individual customers, all benefitting from the economies of scale. Hosted Desktops often have features including: multiple Internet connections for resilience; multiple power supplies into the data centre, with diesel generators to cover power cuts and battery UPS to cover the transition. Other security measures will included 24hr security, CCTV, fire, smoke and flood detection and secure building entry control measures.

Characteristics of a Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktops were designed as a solution to improve application sharing across multiple sites, remote working and the ability to scale up or down easily. They are also an easy and simple route into IT outsourcing.

A Hosted Desktop platform usually includes all the surrounding infrastructure and support services needed to securely connect over the Internet. This will include user authentication, digital certificates to encrypt communication, backups of data and operating systems as well as anti-virus, Windows updates and general server support.

A Hosted Desktop may also be found under other names including: Hosted Remote Desktops, Hosted Terminal Servers, Hosted Remote Desktop Servers, Cloud Desktops or Hosted VDI.

Hosted Desktop Pricing

Pricing for hosted desktops is usually on a per user basis often with an initial monthly charge for the first desktop application which will also include any Microsoft Licences such as Windows Server CALs (Client Access Licences) and Remote Desktop CALs.

Additional products or services can then be added as required including additional resources (memory, CPU), extra storage and also additional services such as SQL Server instances or web servers. Providers can also include licences for other Microsoft products including Microsoft Office, Project or Visio, mostly these will be offered under the Service Provider Licence Agreement (SPLA) licencing model. Some providers base their pricing on the actual resources required e.g. x GB of Memory. Others offer a more managed service where the customer doesn’t need to know the technicalities of the service only what applications and how many users.

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