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 Anyone who knows anything about the world of remote services knows that Hostingadvice.com is the place to visit if you want to learn everything there is to know about hosting including helpful how-to guides alongside reviews of hosting providers from all over the globe.

With over fifty years of experience between them, we were proud to sit down with Christine Preusler from the Hostingadvice.com team and discuss the history of Your Office Anywhere, and how our company has evolved to serve our clients.

In this blog, Business Development Manager at Your Office Anywhere discusses how companies have, over the last twenty years, started to see the operational benefits of keeping their data and software on a remote server that is looked after by a third-party company. Ian also discusses how Your Office Anywhere has developed into a critical success since its formation thanks to an emphasis on customer service and a willingness to tailer the hosting experience to each individual client.

The future of the company is also reviewed, including how the company is preparing itself for the likely increase of companies that need hosting services to keep things running smoothly as the prospect of employees working from home becomes more common place. Ian also converses about the recent investments that the company have made to their infrastructure to provide a flawless, always-online hosting service that includes hardware upgrades alongside plans to increase the number of available licences and subscriptions.

If you’d like to read about us and our interview with Hostingadvice.com, click the link here.