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Hosting legacy Visual Basic (VB) applications in the cloud with no re-writing or changes to the code.

Businesses are getting so used to the amazing flexibility that cloud computing can offer that there can be some frustration when it comes to legacy VB applications that don’t have online web-based versions.

The Visual Basic applications themselves may work perfectly well, and are often bespoke written and business critical, but they may also require a Windows desktop and possibly a local network to run and share.

How can I host a Visual Basic application in the cloud?


The simplest way to host a VB application is to use a hosted remote desktop service.   On this type of service the VB application will run on a Windows remote desktop server enabling multiple users to connect to the server and run the app.   Where the visual basic application also needs a SQL Server Standard or SQL Server Express database this can also be provided as part of the hosted infrastructure.

The service also includes all the other infrastructure required to connect to the server over the internet as well as monitoring, supporting, backing up and maintaining it.

Can I host a legacy VB application that is no longer supported?


It is a fairly common occurrence that a company employed a developer to write custom VB applications for their business.  These may have been written for older operating systems.   As operating systems such as Windows 2003 and 2008 are retired and no longer supported it’s important to move the application to newer infrastructure, but if the original developer has also retired it can be a daunting process to move the application.

A hosted remote desktop environment is a useful replacement to the Windows 2008 servers and an ideal place to host your Visual Basic app, but choose your provider carefully as there is a big difference between a mass market hosted desktop provider and companies like Your Office Anywhere who have the skills and expertise to manage legacy applications that may require a bit of detective work to make sure they run correctly on modern operating systems.

What are the benefits of hosting visual basic apps in the cloud?


With any application, modern or legacy, the ability to run it “in the cloud” is of huge benefit to businesses.   Here’s just some of the advantages of running VB applications in the cloud:

• No need to invest in new, expensive, on-site, hardware to run your application, just pay as you go.

• Multiple users can connect and run the application at once.

• Connect and run your legacy VB application on a variety of devices, including any Windows PCs, Apple Macs, iPad, Android and Chromebooks

• Run your VB application from anywhere there is an internet connection.  No need to be chained to the desktop in your office.



How can I test if my VB application will run on a hosted remote desktop?



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