Apple MAC accessing Windows Applications on Windows Server

The following video shows how we can allow Apple MAC users to access Windows applications such as Microsoft Office applications, Sage or the companies Windows based line of business application for example a SQL database using our ApplicationsAnywhere solution.

The Applications Anywhere solution is not just limited to Windows desktop operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7, but can be accessed on Apple MAC OS X and Apple iPad, plus mobile phone operating systems including Apple iPhone and Android devices although the screen size of these devices in most cases will be a limiting factor.

The advantage of connecting to a Windows Remote Desktop solution is that sharing data and applications is seamless whether the end user is on Windows, MAC OS X or an iPad. Because data is stored centrally in our data centre the shared network drive each customer gets allows all data to be shared amongst all employees (providing they have the permissions to see the data) irrespective of the platform they are using themselves or where they are located in terms of geography. So a user with an Apple MAC OS X can edit an office document in Manchester England which can subsequently be edited by an employee in Spain 5 hours later with only an internet connection and a subscription to our Applications Anywhere solution. The other benefit is that the solution is backed up and more importantly all licenses from Microsoft required to access the servers and run applications are included in the pricing/quotes we supply.


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