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Can You Make Money Reselling Hosted Desktops?


Have you ever thought about reselling hosted desktops but then thought it wasn’t worth the effort? Well, think again.

The best thing about hosted desktops is that it’s a constant and predictable revenue model. You treat your customers well and provide excellent customer service, and in return they provide a constant income, and for our resellers it’s exactly the same.

Our resellers fall into one of two types, either software developers looking for a way of providing their desktop software “in the cloud”. Or IT companies whose customers are looking to move away from traditional, on-premise, servers and are looking for a trusted reliable cloud service that doesn’t also mean the IT company loses their income.

How much can I make reselling Hosted Desktops?

Let’s take two case studies.

The first is a specialist software developer who writes software for commodities trading. They have about 18 customers using the platform, and they also have some of their own development environments on there too. The customers they have with us have anywhere between 2 and 40 users.
Annually their customers account for well over £150,000 worth or turnover for which they receive just under £23,000 worth of commission – 15%.
The vendor supports the customer’s application (which they would do whether hosted or on-premise) and we support everything else. So, they earn £23,000 per year for no more effort than if it was an on-premise solution.

The second case study is for a small IT company, a one-man consultancy.

He had a customer looking for a Hosted Desktop solution for a niche healthcare application that they wanted to run “in the cloud” alongside Microsoft Office and Hosted Exchange email. The IT company found us on the internet and made the introduction to their customer and we took it from there. The customer, had 4 users to start with which then increased to 7 later.

At the time of writing the customer has turned over just over £19,000 with us since 2015.

The reseller has earned £2,889 over that time, just for making an introduction, probably less than 30 minutes work.

We invoice the customer direct and they come direct to us for any support. This particular reseller does not get involved in any way day to day.
So, in both these cases, reselling Hosted Desktops is definitely worth the effort, as in reality very little effort is required.

However, it’s worth mentioning that some resellers prefer to be the first point of call for customer support and we can invoice the reseller instead of the customer, if preferred. In that case we would invoice the reseller at a 15% discount and the reseller can invoice the customer at his own rate which may include his other managed service provider costs.

How do I become a reseller of Hosted Desktops?

Simple, just find a customer looking for this type of solution and we’ll work with you to produce a proposal based on their requirements, if they sign up then we’ll pay commission for as long as they remain on the platform, and if the number of users/services they have increases then so will your commission.

If you’re a software developer we can even loan you a test server free of charge so you can see how easily you can run your desktop application in the cloud.

To find out more give us a call on 01282 500318 and talk to one of our technical sales team who help architect the right solution for your customers’ needs.


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