Our Cloud Computing Price Structuring

Cloud computing as far as we are concerned is the ability to access your business applications anywhere there is an internet connection, without having to purchase any costly server hardware or licenses.

We rent you on a per user basis (based on the applications each user runs) a server with processing power and memory alongside the Microsoft licenses you would normally need to access a server environment.

For applications that need their own licenses these in most cases will need to be supplied, however the computing industry is now moving to a model where licenses are rented rather than purchased outright.

You pay monthly license fees for the software and a processor usage fee for each application that a user runs on the system. Our pricing page here has example pricing for cloud solutions however you will need to call the office for a detailed/specific quote as these are quoted and built to your exact requirements.

There are some other questions you may need to ask yourself about your current IT systems and how to resolve them. For this we have created a PDF document that describes these issues. Please click here to download the SME – IT issues document and how to resolve them from YourOfficeAnywhere. Here we discuss the issues that SME’s with 1-250 employees have with their IT infrastructure on a day to basis and how YourOfficeAnywhere provides a solution for this problem.

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