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Cloud Hosted Microsoft Access Databases

Microsoft Access is used by thousands of businesses and developers across the globe to create bespoke line of business applications at a much lower cost than off the shelf packages. Now you can run Access “In the cloud” on a hosted desktop, avoiding the need to invest in local IT hardware. Cloud hosting Access also enables you to run it on iPad, Mac and Android devices from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Video Transcription

Hello, if you’re watching this video, chances are you already know that you can quickly neatly build great databases with Microsoft Access. You may also know that skilled developers can enhance the database to create sophisticated feature-rich fully functioning applications and using the free Microsoft Runtime license for access, you don’t even have to pay market of the price for it licenses for your users so your business could benefit from a bespoke line of business applications at a much lower cost than a one-size-fits-all off-the-shelf package. However, you also want a low-cost way of sharing your database with your colleagues, especially your remote workers and those at other sites. This is where cloud hosted access from your office anywhere comes in. here’s a quick explanation of how it works:

First we recommend splitting the database into front-end and back-end. The front-end is where you have the forms, queries and reports, and the back-end where you have the tables themselves, then we put both of these files together on a remote desktop server running in our UK datacentre. These used to be known as terminal servers as nothing runs on the local PC, it behaves like a simple terminal. You run your Access database as a remote application and connect to it over the Internet. It will look and feel exactly the same as it would as if it was running on your computer – but Access doesn’t run on your computer, it runs on the remote server. The only things traveling over the Internet are keyboard and mouse clicks one way, and the screen changes the other. This means it is really quick, and you can connect to it from any device including PCs Apple Mac iPads and Android devices. You can now even connect using a web browser on Apple Macs and even Google Chromebooks. You can connect to it from anywhere in a world where you have an internet connection including over 3, 4, or 5G on your mobile.

Let’s see it in action using the old Northwind traders sample database. We’re showing this using one of the connection methods called remote app. While a video is playing here’s some other benefits of hosting Access with Your Office Anywhere. For starters, there’s no upfront costs for things like server hardware, Windows, Office or Access licenses. With a dedicated Remote Desktop Service ported and maintained by Your Office Anywhere technical team, this includes antivirus on the server, Windows updates which are managed by us, server and data backups to a second UK datacentre, and 24 hours support for critical issues. Your Office Anywhere are ISO27001 certified for our information security management system which includes GDPR compliance. There are a number of enterprise level features to ensure security and reliability, which means Your Office Anywhere can offer 99.5% uptime guarantee. Hosted Access can support up to 255 simultaneous users and this is only limited by Microsoft Access itself. The technical team at Your Office Anywhere can get the best out of it on a remote desktop platform, and you could also run any other Windows application Alongside Access, so you could move your entire business to the cloud. When you move your Access application to Your Office Anywhere, we don’t just give you a server and let you get on with it, we set the whole thing up for you, help you migrate your existing application and data to the server, publishing everything to your users and making sure everything runs perfectly – so you don’t need any IT skills to move your application to the platform and this is a key point especially for a database developed for you by someone else that you want to move to the cloud. to find out more about the best way to share your Access database application, visit our website at Your Office Anywhere.co.uk or call 01282 500318 to speak to one of our technical sales consultants, who can talk through your requirements also you can email sales at sales@yourofficeanywhere.co.uk. Thank you very much for watching.

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