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You Too Can Work From Anywhere With A Hosted Desktop

Video Transcription

Where do you work? Where would you like to work? Home? Maybe a hotel? What about at your customer’s office or in a cafe or on train? Maybe while you’re on holiday? That’s great, but besides perhaps email, most of the business applications that you really need for work are installed on your office PC – and all the data that you share with colleagues is accessed by a server, also in your office. So, you can’t take your business apps and your shared data with you…can you?

Well of course, yes you can. How? With the hosted desktop service from Your Office Anywhere.

A hosted desktop is a cloud-based solution that allows you and your colleagues to access your business applications from anywhere and on any device, and if you don’t have your device with you – well – you can connect from a public computer such as at an airport or library just using a web browser. The other great benefit is that your company can say goodbye to local on-site service and all the associated costs that go with them and of course the associated risks. Hosted desktops are financially effective too, simply pay as you go. There’s no contracts to tie you in so you can increase user numbers at busy times or decrease them when do you get a bit quieter.

Our business is certified for ISO27001 for our information security management system which includes GDPR compliance. We have the hosted system to keep your server up and running in the event of some kind of failure allowing us to offer a 99.5 percent uptime guarantee and as it’s a managed service, we look at all support and maintenance for you, don’t need any IT skills. If something major was to go wrong, we have stand-by engineers available 24/7 to fix it, because we can work from anywhere too! Want to know more about how hosted desktops can help your business? 01282 500318 or email sales at sales@yourofficeanywhere.co.uk, or visit our website for further information at YourOfficeAnywhere.co.uk. Thank you very much for watching.