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How Hosted Desktops can improve productivity

Hosted Desktops are part of a cluster of cloud solutions that give the small or medium business the ultimate flexibility for the modern workplace. The work from home advice of recent years has forced businesses to find new ways of operating, but even before that a large proportion of businesses would always have had some level of remote working.   Far too often though, the remote workers have had a poor deal in terms of the tools and technology at their disposal, but that is all changing and Hosted Desktops are a large piece of the cloud computing jigsaw that ensures the work from home experience is at least equal to the office one.


What are Hosted Desktops and how can they improve productivity?

Hosted Desktops” is a banner term for a number of cloud solutions that present virtual desktops hosted in the cloud. Usually Windows based running Windows 10 or 11, or a Windows Server equivalent, these solutions include cloud technology such as Remote Desktop Services (RDS), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

A Hosted Desktop solution enables business employees to run any Windows desktop software applications “in the cloud”, using near enough any internet connected device.   Applications such as Microsoft Office, accounting systems, customer CRM systems, Payroll, Tax, Stock Control, as well as specialist bespoke applications for recruitment, healthcare, scientific, engineering and manufacturing companies.

While some business software applications are moving online, running in a web browser, as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, some will always perform better as installed desktop applications on a personal computer, with all the features and functionality that browser-based apps can’t yet hope to match; and of course, browser based apps can also be run within the virtual desktop so people have everything in one place. By adopting Hosted Desktops as a DaaS solution businesses can give their entire team the perfect desktop experience no matter where they work and what applications they use, and usually at reduced costs as they no longer need local IT infrastructure.

When business workers have a suite of fast, efficient tools at their disposal then they are not only directly more productive, as they are not being hampered by inefficient systems, but they are more motivated which in itself is a boost for increased productivity. Hosted desktops provide those tools and ensure remote working is as productive as office working.


What are the benefits of Hosted Desktops for productivity?

Having the right tools will always be the starting point for increased productivity. A carpenter with a good sharp chisel will work quicker and not have to waste time correcting mistakes; the same goes for someone using good information technology to do their work. Here are just some of the reasons why having a Hosted Desktop solution as part of your toolkit improves productivity:

  • Connect from anywhere over the internet. Whether on a customer site, a hotel room, car park, or at home, workers can access all their business systems quickly and efficiently.
  • Remote workers can access the same systems as office workers. Gone are they days when a travelling sales representative needs to dictate an order to an office-based colleague.
  • Use any internet connected device. For some people working on a personal computer in the home office will be the right solution. For others, maybe working in the field, a tablet or ruggedised laptop may be the tool of choice.   Sometimes a quick stock check using a smartphone is all that is required.  Whatever the specific remote working environment, connecting to a Hosted Desktop means that the right tools are always available.
  • Hosted Desktops are not just for the remote worker. Everyone working in the office can swap running applications on their personal computer to running them on virtual desktops which makes them more secure, more reliable, more flexible and more scalable.
  • Hosted Desktops will generally contribute to reduced costs. Not only because there is less capital outlay, but also a massive reduction in power usage, no unexpected support costs, and less risk of downtime which can be very costly.


Is cloud computing secure enough?

For most small and medium businesses, the security of cloud technology far surpasses what can be achieved with local IT systems. How may businesses can afford to have their servers watched over 24/7 by security guards, protected behind enterprise grade firewalls coupled with multiple redundant systems to ensure uptime of 99.5% or higher?

Ensuring your systems are secure and highly available goes a long way to ensuring optimum productivity.


Why use Your Office Anywhere as your Hosted Desktop provider?

Your Office Anywhere have been providing cloud solutions and Hosted Desktops since before most people had even heard the term “cloud computing”. Specialising in remote desktop systems practically since they were invented, Your Office Anywhere pass on the economies of scale of enterprise grade infrastructure so that small and medium businesses can enjoy the quality of systems that would previously have only been available to large corporations, at much reduced costs.   They have an unrivalled reputation for their friendly, efficient and helpful support team, coupled with expertise gained from over 25 years of working with remote desktop solutions.

To find out how Hosted Desktops can make your business more productive get in touch using the form below, or calling 01282 500318, or via our contact page.



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