Connect to a Microsoft Access Database from Anywhere

This video shows how you can access a Microsoft Access Database from anywhere on any platform with just an internet connection. You can access the system from Windows, Apple MAC, iPad and Android tablets using the free Microsoft Remote Desktop Client available from the relevant App Store.

So what is the benefit of this? Well what we are showing is that we can actually “web enable” a Microsoft Access Database. So if you need to access your Access Database from “anywhere” on “any platform” our system allows you to do this. Effectively we put the application on our infrastructure and all the processing takes place on our enterprise servers and enterprise gigabit network. All your PC/Tablet needs to do is send key strokes and receive screen refreshes.

In the video we show two users accessing the system at the same time and making updates. Although the video shows the two users on the same laptop these users could be anywhere there is an Internet connection.


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