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Running any Windows applications on an Apple Mac



The video shows how Apple Mac users can run any Windows application, especially in a corporate environment, applications such as Sage 50 Accounts or other core Line of Business application that doesn’t have an Apple Mac version.   Importantly this solution does not require any complicated dual boot systems like Bootcamp, or resource hogging virtual machines that might be required when using Parallels.

The solution uses a system called hosted remote desktops, often called hosted desktop or Windows virtual desktops.   The remote desktop runs exactly the same as a normal Windows PC, but is hosted in our UK data centre.   Users simply connect to the remote desktop over the internet.   Connecting to the remote desktops isn’t just limited to Windows operating systems but works just as well on Apple Macs.   It can also be accessed by Apple iPads and iPhones as well as Android devices.

The advantage of connecting to a Windows virtual desktop solution is that sharing data and applications is seamless, whether the user is on Windows, Mac, iPad or Android.   Because data is stored centrally in our data centre, the shared network drive each customer gets allows all data to be shared amongst all employees (providing they have the correct permissions to see the data) irrespective of the platform they are using themselves, or where they are located in terms of geography.

So, a user with an Apple Mac can enter data into a business application in London and this can immediately be seen and edited by another user in Madrid or Melbourne.  All they need is an Internet Connection.

The other benefit is that all the data is backed up and the solution supported by Your Office Anywhere, and all the Microsoft licences required to run the solution are included in the pricing/quotations we supply.



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