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Sage 50 Accounts Client Manager for Accountants Hosting

Sage Accounts Client Manager  allows accountants a centralised view of their customers data for month end year end etc. It is a single installation that will install all supported versions of Sage on one system and allow multiple users to access the data in a centralised location. Your Office Anywhere offers the missing link for a lot of companies – the ability to centralise the data or access it from Anywhere.

Now that is fine for larger organisations but for smaller organisations they need a central location to install the data that everyone can access from within the office and an installation of the software on each client PC. Now this is fine but what if:-

  • You don’t know how to create a shared network area or don’t have a server?
  • What if you have multiple practises or locations that you would like to Accounts Client Manager on so that all practises can work on all customer data at the same time?
  • Each time there is an upgrade of Sage Accounts Client Manager you need to upgrade all PC’s with new software.

So what does Your Office Anywhere bring to the table?

Sage Accountants Club - Sage Client Manager

Sage Accountants Club – Sage Client Manager

YourOfficeAnyWhere allows you to access the Sage Accounts Client Manager software via an Internet connection. This means that you don’t need to install the software locally the Sage Accounts Client Manager software is installed on the YourOfficeAnyWhere platform and data is uploaded to your Shared network drive. Once the backup data is on the platform from your customer all accountants/bookkeepers who connect to the YourOfficeAnyWhere platform can work on the data. So no costly local support to set this up and more importantly you can do this from anywhere there is an internet connection. Even a 2 user accounts company with two offices one in Lands End and one in John O’Groats can access the same application and customer data at the same time.

YourOfficeAnyWhere brings the elements that large accountancy practises have (they will be running the same solution in house) to small and medium accountancy practises providing them with a large corporate IT solution paid for on a monthly basis (the cost for hosting excluding the costs of Sage Dataset Manager are just £25.50 per user (logon) per month).

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