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Why Hosted Desktops? Seven reasons why you need a hosted desktop

Any one of these reasons should be pretty compelling for your business

1 – Work from Anywhere

Probably the biggest reason anyone wants a cloud computing service, the ability to use your line of business applications wherever you want.   We’re not just talking about Office, but any Windows based business application, bespoke or off the shelf.   As long as you have an Internet connection you can work on your applications and access your data and files.   This could be from different branches of your business, from home, from hotels, airports or your customer’s site.   If you have a 3G or 4G signal you can even tether your laptop to your mobile phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot and use a hosted desktop just as easily as in your office.

2 – Work on any device

Hosted desktops will run on any device from Windows PCs and Laptops to Macs, iPads and Android tablets.   If you have a business application that only runs on Windows but you prefer to use Macs then a hosted desktop solves that problem.   Just download the free Remote Desktop Client for Mac from the app store and you’re ready to work.

3 – Upgrades are easy

We call this the forgotten benefit of hosted desktops.   If you need to upgrade or patch your applications you don’t need to visit every user, just do it once on your dedicated hosted desktop server and everyone gets the new version.

4 – Lower TCO

Running your own server infrastructure isn’t cheap.   When you add up the cost of a server, backups, UPS, Microsoft licences, power, cooling, specialists to set it all up, support when it goes wrong; and then do it all again after about 5 years, it is a lot of money.   For most small businesses a hosted desktop service will work out cheaper over the short and long term.

If you then take into account the hidden costs of the risk of downtime to your business and its reputation then having a hosted desktop provider with a service level agreement of 99.5% uptime will take a load off your mind.

5 – Ditch your on-site IT

Quite simply get rid of the headaches, worry and hassle of managing and supporting your own IT systems and let someone else do it.   Never again have to budget for the unexpected.   Enjoy a consistent service with pay-as-you-go pricing; the flexibility to increase or decrease users and no long contract to tie you in.

6 – Resilience, Reliability and Security

Your hosted desktops sit on cutting edge, enterprise level infrastructure in state of the art data centres.   Hardware which costs millions is available to businesses of every size from one man bands upwards.   The economies of scale mean that every customer benefits from a host of fault tolerant and resilience solutions.   Check out this article about all the reliability and security measures we have in place.

7 – Bespoke Service

Every business is different, every customer unique so while an off the shelf, point and click, solution may suit some businesses, many would prefer to know that they can discuss their individual requirements with an experienced IT professional to make sure their hosted desktop solution is tailored to their exact needs.

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