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How to use Remote Desktop with an iPad

Hosted Desktop for iPad, Mac, Android, or PC


No need to shackle your workforce to the “standard” PC dictated by IT.  Give them the freedom to choose the right device at the right time.  Download the Remote Desktop for iPad, Mac or Android from the relevant app stores.


See the Video below of Sage 50 using remote desktop for iPad.   You may be aware that Sage don’t do a Mac or iOS version of Sage 50 so a Hosted Desktop will get round that issue


Watch how our Remote Desktop works on an iPad:


It’s a common complaint from users, the desktop PC in the office seems so limiting compared to the range of devices they enjoy at home.   So what if it didn’t matter what device people use.

With a Hosted Desktop they can use the Windows PC when in the office, but get exactly the same experience when using a Windows laptop or a MacBook from a hotel, or a tablet sat in front of the telly at night.   This is great if you have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy as nothing is installed and no data is stored on the device.   Even if it is stolen nothing is lost, just get a new device and away you go.

Hosted Desktops from Your Office Anywhere will run on the following:

  • Windows PC, Laptop or Tablet e.g. Surface
  • Apple Mac
  • iPad
  • Android Tablet
  • Kindle Fire
  • Chromebook
  • iPhone
  • Windows Phone
  • Android Phone

All you need is a Microsoft Remote Desktop Client which will be available from the app stores.   The client set up is very simple.

Configuration for Remote Desktop on iPad made easy

You can even run your applications from a browser using WebApps so you don’t need to install or configure anything.   Browse to the Your Office Anywhere WebApps URL, login with your secure credentials and run your application in exactly the same way.   Great if you are on a strange PC in a hotel or internet café.

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