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What Is A Hosted Desktop?

Working away from the office can often be frustrating.   It can be hard getting access to business software or sharing documents between those in the office and those working remotely.   Sometimes even basic tasks such as gaining access to emails can be more difficult than it needs to be.   Another problem with having staff working remotely is that software applications all need to be on the same version across your business to work correctly, and any data held on PCs and Laptops could be at risk either from viruses or simply hardware breaking down.

The good news is that when using a hosted desktop these problems disappear and it gives your remote staff the ability to work efficiently and without problems in the same way as office based staff.   A hosted desktop doesn’t feel any different from being sat in front of the computer in the office.   It simply gives you all the same software and files that staff would normally have access to.   The only difference is that when using a hosted desktop, all your files and software are kept safe and secure in the cloud.

Hosted desktops need not be a large technical overhaul on your business.   They are very flexible and the technology works on all Windows PC’s, Apple Macs, iPads, iPhones, and also Android tablets and phones.

Your Office Anywhere manages all your backups to ensure against data loss and we look after all the anti virus work, Windows updates and any other support needs for your hosted desktop.   Because businesses need to operate at full capacity at all times, we ensure that your transition into using a hosted desktop is as painless as possible with no interruptions to the running of your business.

Having this freedom only cost from £28.50 per month and all the relevant Microsoft licenses are included.   We don’t ask for a contract and you can increase or decrease user numbers as and when you need.   We also give you a guarantee of 99.5% uptime to ensure your business doesn’t encounter any loss of working time due to unnecessary problems at our end.

So why not contact Your Office Anywhere today for a no obligation chat about how we can revolutionise your business efficiency today.

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