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Windows 10 Hosted Applications Using RemoteApp

Video Transcription

Hello. In this video I’d like to show you one of the most popular features of a hosted desktop, just called Remote App. Remote App is essentially a way of running the applications installed on a hosted desktop using Start menu icons on your local PC, rather than worrying about the wrapper of the full remote desktops. If you look at my Start menu here you’ll see a set of icons for Microsoft Office and a couple of work applications such as Sage50 Accounts and MS Access database which could be shared with colleagues, and if I click any of these to launch them, you’ll see that I’m now logging on to the hosted desktop server and running a Remote App – in this case Sage50 Accounts.

So, your username and password for Remote App are saved in Windows when you configure it, but with Sage I quickly need to enter my Sage username and password. So you’ll see this is Sage50 running as a remote app. It looks and feels – but crucially performs – exactly the same as a locally installed one. In fact, the only way to tell them apart is a double arrow symbol on the taskbar icon, which the local applications don’t have. One of the key benefits of the hosted desktop solution is that you can run all your business applications on it, we know this cloud solution for Microsoft Office and Sage – I’ve got sage drive – is the ability for your applications to interface with each other while running in the cloud that sets the hosted desktop apart.

We can demonstrate this with the export-to-Excel feature. So here Sage has automatically launched Excel and you’ll see from the icons that this is Sage running on the hosted desktop. Now, while it took a few seconds to log into the server the first application you’ll see that any new application is launched instantly and you can do all the things you’d expect to do if you’re running in a remote desktop such as copying and pasting between applications, and you can of course copy and paste between remote and local applications as well, and using the old tab to switch between applications you’ll see you can switch between local and remote applications absolutely seamlessly.

Now, when you want to come to save documents you have choices saving either to your personal documents folder on the hosted desktop or you have a shared drive that all your colleagues can see as well, and you can of course save back down to your local PC if you need to. We can also connect to other cloud storage such as OneDrive, Google Drive etc. So that’s Remote App, just one of the many ways you can connect to and run applications on a hosted desktop, but please do check out some of our other videos showing other connection methods that might be useful. Thank you very much for watching.

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