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Today sees Your Office Anywhere launch our new website and debut our new branding too. This is something that we had been planning to do some time ago but we were so busy that it just kept getting put off. So just before Christmas last year we approached Gavin Burnett and Phil Thompson after seeing some of the work they had done. The brief was to completely rebrand  and re-invent your office anywhere as we felt the old site had served a purpose but was looking rather tired and dated.

When we first setup YourOfficeAnyWhere over 5 years ago the brief then was to come up with a brand and a website design that allowed visitors to quickly understand what we were offering. Back in 2006 cloud computing existed  but nobody knew what it was and how they could use it.  We asked John Freeman to come up with something that would not only grab peoples attention but would also quickly convey what we were trying to do. John created some fantastic strips for us:



What we have attempted to do with the new website is to still make it as jargon free as possible but to make it more current as we realise that a lot of our potential clients understand what Cloud Applications, Hosted Desktops and Application Hosting is all about and  they are just trying to find the right organisation to help them.   We think Gavin and Phil have done a tremendous job and we hope you feel the same. If you have something to say about the site then please feel free to contact us