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YourOfficeAnyWhere Surpasses the 1500 Remote Hosted Desktop License count in February 2013

We hit 1510 to be exact. The remote desktop license is the license we have to declare to Microsoft that allows us to provide a remote desktop (or hosted desktop license as... Continue reading >

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Sir Richard Branson “perplexed” by Yahoo! chief exec Marissa Mayer’s attitude to remote working

Sir Richard Branson "perplexed" by Yahoo! chief exec Marissa Mayer’s attitude to remote working. Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson is "perplexed" by reports that Yahoo!... Continue reading >

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Using iPad or Android Tablet to Connect to a Windows Remote Desktop

The video below shows how to setup and configure an Android device (although this could quite easily be an iPad) to connect to a Windows Remote Desktop running in the YourOfficeAnyWhere... Continue reading >

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DaaS Desktop as a Service by Microsoft FAQ

Microsoft Desktop as a Service - DaaS Microsoft recently clarified what can and cannot be licensed as part of a managed hosted desktop solution by producing a document "Providing... Continue reading >

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228-09844 359-05717 why is our sql cloud server offer so competitive

Later on in this article I will describe how by using our economies of scale renting a Microsoft SQL license and SQL Server client access license CAL (Microsoft part numbers... Continue reading >

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Comparing Cloud Solutions the Your Office Anywhere Way

Customers need to be able to compare the different Cloud Solutions on the market today. At Your Office Anywhere we unlock the questions you need to be asking. The following... Continue reading >

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