Certus Technologies (YourOfficeAnyWhere Reseller)


“Everything has gone well with the transition – it’s been a bit of a learning curve for the users but I think we’re nearly there and overall their impressions have been good. Your support staff have been a credit throughout – good knowledge of the systems and very helpful despite an avalanche of request in the first few days!” Brad Flack Service Director at Certus 

Certus was established in March 2000, the company was set up to provide ad-hoc and contract IT services to local businesses, primarily in the SME market.

Certus approached YourOfficeAnyWhere to provide one of their clients with a solution to allow them to remove the requirement for local servers, the customer was also moving into new offices at the same time. YourOfficeAnyWhere delivered a Windows Server running Remote Desktop Services which would provide a hosted remote desktop for approximately 20 users (although this needed to be flexible on a month by month basis which is unique to our platform) and the users would also need to run Microsoft Office 2013 Applications and an Access Dimensions ERP/Accounting package https://enhanced.co.uk/products/view/access_accounting which required a SQL Server and a dedicated hosted SQL instance. YourOfficeAnyWhere also provided access to Websure an Insurance Software package – https://www.websure.com/ via a dedicated VPN link into the Websure data centre.

Certus managed the transition with the customer to the managed remote desktop platform and we provided back end support on the transition to Certus. Considering this was the first time Certus had moved a customer to our platform they fully understood what was needed to make this a successful project considering the short time scales that Certus were put under to deliver the project.

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