Rentman Software


Rentman Software provide software to the letting and property management market. The evolution of the Rentman software is a result of the development of key business areas to satisfy their clients. These include Software Development, Software Support and Training.


Rentman required a platform that would allow their customers to connect remotely from anywhere and access their software. Although the software could be installed locally on PC’s this provided issues in terms of support and backups


YourOfficeAnyWhere provide mulitple Windows Server 2008 R2 servers with at least 6GB memory that allows each of their customers to run a bespoke copy of the Rentman application as a remote application. The end users click on their dedicated application link and this launches Rentman on the users task bar. To the un-initiaited this appears to be a local copy of Rentman but it is actually running in the YourOfficeAnyWhere data centre and only screen changes are being sent over the internet connection to the customer. At the end of 2012 Renman had in excess of 180 users connecting to the YourOfficeAnyWhere remote desktop solution across multiple servers.

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