Pay As You Go/Use

Our service provides “Pay As You Go” computing to enable you to run your business more efficiently. You choose from our range of services to suit your needs.

Currently we offer application hosting, remote desktops, email, and document management. As your needs change so can your services, the choice and flexibility is yours. Take the worry out of buying and managing complicated servers with YourOfficeAnywhere’s managed service using Microsoft’s SPLA licensing model. Our service ensures you are always legally compliant for the software you use. Managed services used to be the domain of larger companies with huge IT budgets. However the availability of “Pay as go” computing means that all companies large or small can now benefit. Computer services are now available in the same way as gas and electricity, hence the popular term “Utility Computing”.

This solution is now available to anyone from as little as £5.00 per user per month for a document management system. Using a typical utility service as an example, your company wouldn’t buy thousands of gallons of water up front, instead you pay for what you use. Think of our solution as a tap, if you need more remote desktops, more users to access documents or more users to access applications then you turn the tap up. If you need less you turn tap down.

This is a completely new way of buying computing, it removes the need to purchase servers up front based on an estimate of what you will need in the months / years to come. Today businesses need to react quickly to the constantly changing market place and our service helps you to stay agile and react quickly when needed.

Typically a non hosted solution would utilise a Microsoft Server installed locally, this type of solution not only involves a significant up font cost but also creates a limit to how much the system can expand. Our solution removes all of these issues. You don’t need to worry how busy the server is or if you are correctly licensed. You don’t even need to worry about hardware maintenance and warranty because we remove that problem too.

With a local IT solution your worries may seem endless but with a hosted solution you are free to concentrate on other things.

Our “cloud computing” solution (applications) can be accessed from anywhere with a broadband network.

Our customers are always correctly licensed for the Microsoft applications they consume as this is included in the monthly fee. Unlike purchasing software where you are stuck with it forever, our rental model means you can use more or less depending on your needs, you tell us how many and we sort out the admin.

The hosted services we provide are served from a professional data centre which enjoys the protection of backup power sources (UPS) and automatic fire protection systems. In addition it has multiple network connections to the outside world to protect against failures on the Internet.

All our servers have the latest security updates applied to ensure their stability and protect them against malicious software attacks. All the data stored on our servers is backed up daily. The backups are stored in a separate location so in the highly unlikely event of major disaster your data will be safe.

To access our services all you need are PC’s and an Internet connection with suitable firewall protection. Forget noisy and expensive servers and endless visits from the IT engineer.

Stability is a vital part of the solution, our servers and applications are configured to protect our customers from accidentally installing software or making changes that could break the system. Our service is supported by Cardium Outsourcing an established Microsoft Partner that has a dedicated team looking after YourOfficeAnywhere. Cardium Outsourcing’s own IT is provided by the YourOfficeAnywhere platform meaning they have a vested interest in keeping things running smoothly. Any issues reported by our customers can be quickly replicated and resolved without the need for a time consuming and costly site visit. Also we own all the hardware at the data centre we are not reliant on a third party if things go wrong.

Our customers can take advantage of software upgrades as and when they become available. Because our software is rented there is no hardware or licensing costs associated with upgrading.  For an additional cost we can also provide professional services to help with the migration between versions.

Confused? For more information see our FAQ’s page or call our office here where we will be happy to explain our services to you

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