This page will be updated regularly with new video content to demonstrate how our solutions work. All the demonstration videos are taken from remote locations connecting into the Your Office Anywhere data centre without any VPN technology or 3rd party software. We are typically connecting over a 2MB ADSL connection and the videos are shown in real time.

The videos are also shown on the each of the product pages but you can scroll this list of videos to see the exact solution you are looking for. The videos are of two main types

  • Demonstration of the solution actually running on a PC/MAC/iPad
  • Animated video to help you understand the offering in simple terms

Remote Apps (Applications) For Windows 10

Connecting to Your Applications from a Browser

More About Hosted Desktops

How Fast is a Hosted Desktop

Run Microsoft Project on an iPad

Connecting to Sage Accounts on an iPad IOS

Web Enabling Microsoft Access Databases

Connecting an iPad to run Remote Applications

Sage Accounts on Remote Desktop/Remote App

Android Tablet Connecting to a Windows Remote Desktop

Integrate Windows 2008 R2 Remote Applications into the Windows Start Menu

Cloud Hosted Microsoft Project

Access your documents anywhere with Documents Anywhere. Video shows how to access documents directly from Windows Explorer from our cloud based Documents Anywhere solution

Access Windows Applications Remotely on your Apple MAC

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