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When you click on the RTI button – nothing happens although Sage Payroll works fine

One of our customers has upgraded Sage Payroll to include the RTI feature required by HMRC. We knew that Payroll was working prior to this for the customer so it must have been something to do with the upgrade. They had Sage support but had no joy from them they were just told “it is an issue with your operating system”.

We had a version of Payroll running on another server in our infrastructure for a different company so at this point we knew it wasn’t the infrastructure and was related to a requirement of the operating system or an issue with the Sage install.

So we uninstalled Sage Payroll and reinstalled it – no joy.

We then compared the two systems that were behaving differently i.e. the one that was working and the one that wasn’t. After some investigation we determined that .NET Framework 3.5 was NOT installed on the system that was failing to launch the RTI feature.

We installed .NET Framework and sure enough the RTI feature burst into life. On checking it appears that .NET Framework is a requirement for the install but our complaint with this is if it is a requirement why doesn’t the setup routine check that the required components are installed? The least it could do is warn that it isn’t installed.

Anyway to summarise these are the following dependencies we found for Sage Payroll and the RTI feature to work

  • The program version should be 19.01.075
  • And most important it requires Dot Net Framework 3.5 as a pre requisite.

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