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With a Microsoft hosted solution from YourOfficeAnywhere utilising hosted terminal services, or hosted remote desktop, accessing your core businesses application anywhere via the internet NOW is a reality.

Terminal server hosting from YourOfficeAnywhere hosts SQL databases for financial companies (amongst many others) who click on a web site link to launch their core business application and we host a variety of other applications such as Access Databases, Sage Accounting, Word and Excel and pretty much any bespoke application.

Our ApplicationsAnywhere solution requires the application to be installed in our data centre on a windows terminal server farm (also known as Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services). The application no longer runs on the local PC but is actually running on a server in the data centre and you connect to the application via a web browser – you actually only receive screen changes -the server in the data centre is doing all the hard work. Obviously this solution is ideal for companies who have a disparate workforce who need to access the application from all over the UK or even the world (we already have customers in Spain, Malta, Belgium, Jersey and Southern Ireland) or for a mobile workforce who rarely go into the office but have a broadband connection at home or a mobile 3G card such as salesmen or engineers.

Applications we host for customers include Sage, various Microsoft SQL Server based applications, Word, Excel, Access Databases, and Microsoft Project. Now let’s be up front about what it can’t do – applications that are not good in this environment are graphical/movie/video content where the screen changes make the experience poor for the end user, however for the day to day applications that most users want YourOfficeAnywhere’s ApplicationsAnywhere solution takes employee productivity to another level.

Because applications are available from any secure web browser (SSL 128 bit encryption is used) then this enables businesses to be more flexible particularly around work at home as this solution gives the ability for more forward thinking companies to offer work at home rights and also reduce their requirement for office space.

If you are a company owner and still want to check on sales, productivity or accounts whilst on holiday this is possible with an ApplicationsAnywhere solution – as company applications can be accessed from an Internet Cafe anywhere in the world.

If your application needs to integrate with an email system this is even more of a reason to host with Your Office Anywhere.

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