Best & Cheapest Cloud Storage in the UK

Best Cloud Storage to meet UK data protection compliance obligations.

There are a lot of companies offering cloud storage, but if you need your data hosting in the UK for compliance with your data protection policies, or you simply want to know where your data is being kept, then you need to be selective.

Documents Anywhere is our hosted document library service giving online file storage hosted in our Manchester data centre and backed up to a second UK data centre so we can restore files for you.   While the cheapest cloud storage providers may guarantee your data will always be there, try asking them to restore a file you deleted by mistake last week.

What you get with our cheap Cloud Storage in the UK

    • Access to your documents from anywhere in the world over the Internet.
    • Versioning available with Check Out/Check In feature to manage changes.
    • Granular permissions so you can set security as you need it on individual folders in the library.  For example only the Accounts department can access a folder called “Finance”.
    • Our cheapest cloud storage – Paid monthly with no contract.  From £6 per user per month plus storage.  Storage from 30p per GB per month (100 GB).
    • Add as a “Network Location” in Windows Explorer so easy to save and open files from any Windows application.
    • Off line synchronisation available using the FREE Microsoft OneDrive for Business client
    • Users of our Hosted Desktop platform can integrate with the online cloud storage so they can easily and cheaply share documents with colleagues who don’t need hosted applications.

Best UK Cloud Storage and Document Management combined from Your Office Anywhere

When looking for the best cloud storage for your business, consider where your data is being kept, is it secure, can you restore files.   Online file storage is common place, but for a secure, UK hosted, proper document management system look no further than Documents Anywhere.   Your Office Anywhere is certified for ISO 27001 for Information Security Management Systems so you can be confident that our cheapest cloud storage is also the safest.

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