Microsoft Office is key to your business, being able to run it anywhere is key to your businesses success

Microsoft Office hosting enables you and your colleagues to share office documents and run Office applications from anywhere in the world over the Internet, on any device.   This is the full version of Office running on your own dedicated hosted terminal server and can integrate with any other application you also want to run on the server, completely removing the need for on-site servers and storage and associated support, maintenance and upgrade costs.

Why you should seriously consider moving to Microsoft Office hosting

    • Run full version of Office and access your documents and data anywhere in the world.
    • Runs on Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, even smartphones.
    • No more on-site servers to repair and replace every few years.
    • No complicated networks or VPNs to support.
    • No expensive, upfront licencing costs for Windows or Office.
    • Your own dedicated UK hosted terminal server as a Microsoft Office cloud server supported and maintained by Your Office Anywhere including backups, Anti-virus, windows updates and 24/7 support for critical issues.
    • 1GB of super-fast storage included per user, plus 10GB we give your company when you sign-up.
  • Free demo account available to try it out for real

Benefits of Microsoft Office Hosting over Office 365

Office 365 is the Microsoft Office cloud subscription version of Office.   While it does offer some benefits it isn’t right for everyone.  Here are some important reasons to consider Hosted Office over Office 365:

    • Run any version of Office, you’re not tied in to only the latest version.  This can crucial of you are integrating with an application that only supports earlier versions.
    • Supports low bandwidth connections.  As everything runs on a hosted server very little information is passed over the Internet, just keyboard clicks and screen refreshes; which means you can get significantly improved performance over trying to run the Microsoft Office cloud versions, or local versions connecting to OneDrive.  Try a demo for free to make sure.
    • Always run the full version of Office, not a cut down online version.
    • Open documents instantly from fast networked storage, not slow “Cloud” storage
  • Rent on a month by month basis, there is no 12 month contract unlike Office 365.

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