Managed Dedicated Server Hosting – Your own private cloud server

The Private Cloud solution from Your Office Anywhere is different from the solutions other cloud hosting providers are offering. We can (if you wish) provide you with a physical host cloud server and provision Windows Server operating systems as virtual servers (guests). That is it, and when you purchase a cloud hosting service from other providers this is exactly what you get.  However in many cases this may not help you especially if you have limited IT infrastructure expertise or resources.

While we offer a fully managed hosting service / hosted desktop solution, some customers would like to have their own managed dedicated server which guarantees they have complete control over memory and CPU cycles that won’t be affected by another customer running on the same hardware.   However the customer doesn’t want the hassle of providing all the infrastructure servers needed to support the server that is providing the business application – this blog post here explains the infrastructure servers we would provide.

Your Office Anywhere’s Cloud Hosting service – Private Managed Cloud – allows companies to control restarts of the cloud server, provision memory and CPU cycles to servers as required but they don’t have to manage Backups, Antivirus, Firewalls, Windows Update, Remote Desktop Gateways etc. This is a hybrid solution that will suit a lot of customers who don’t want to manage a complete Windows infrastructure but do need a managed dedicated server.

Key Benefits of Cloud Hosting with Private Managed Cloud

    • Ideal for companies with limited IT resource or experience who want private cloud hosting
    • Ideal for software vendors who don’t have in house infrastructure skills but need a cloud server
    • Failover to a server in our cluster should the hardware fail. So effectively you are getting 2 servers for the price of one, although only one server can be accessed at any one time.
    • No limit to number of Windows Servers you can install, Windows Data Centre licence included.   Only Windows CALs and Remote Desktop CALs required which we will supply.
    • Combine with on-site infrastructure to create a hybrid cloud environment.

    • Cloud hosting UK only data centres, ISO 27001 certified, 99.5% up-time guarantee.

Private Cloud Server Hosting Prices

We have options for different private managed cloud solutions around memory, cpu’s and storage so you will need to contact us so we can give you some specific pricing for your solution.

Just to make this absolutely clear in this pricing we include:-

      • Domain controllers for logon authentication and access to a control panel to manage users, passwords etc.
      • Firewall
      • Anti-Virus management
      • Windows Update Management
      • Terminal Server Licensing
      • Unlimited Windows Server Licenses
      • Failover to another server if hardware fails
      • Backups
      • Declarations to Microsoft of Windows Licenses for compliance

      • Optionally we can rent any other Microsoft license you may need on a month by month basis

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