Sage for Mac and iPad

Run any Sage application on a Mac as easily as you would on a Windows PC with Your Office Anywhere’s Sage for Mac solution.

Running Sage as a hosted desktop application means you can access it on any device including Mac, iPads and even Android tablets.   There is no need to use complicated solutions like Parallels or Bootcamp or even purchase additional Windows Desktop licences.   It is as simple as running the free Microsoft Remote Desktop Client which is available from the app store.

You can have Sage Payroll for Mac, Sage 50 Accounts for Mac, even Sage 200.  All Sage applications will be Mac compatible, and you can share your Sage database with other Windows or Mac users in your office or any other branch without any complicated IT infrastructure.

Our Sage 50 for Mac solution is just £25.50 per user per month plus a one off setup fee, using your own Sage licence, and you can run whichever version you want.  You can in fact run any accounting software on your Mac.  We don’t tie you into a contract so you can cancel at any time.

The Microsoft Remote Desktop Client is compatible with most devices so you can run Sage on Mac OS X and iOS as well as Android and obviously Windows.

It works by hosting both your Sage database and the Sage desktop application on a Windows server in our secure UK data centre.  Nothing runs on the Mac itself, you just have a remote desktop connection or, more commonly you just connect to the “Remote App” so it looks and feels as if you had Sage installed on your Mac but in reality all you are seeing is an image of the hosted servers screen, and your keyboard and mouse clicks go back up the Internet to enter data into Sage running on the server.

The data going up and down the internet is tiny, so it works well over even low bandwidth connections.

Because it is hosted we look after the server, backup the data, manage anti-virus and Windows updates and provide 24/7 support for critical issues.  We also do all the installation and help migrate your existing data to the server.   No IT skills are needed on your part.   Although we are discussing a solution to run Sage on a Mac, you would use it for all your Sage users whatever device they use, plus you can run all your other Windows applications on it and never again need to worry about local servers in your office.

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If you want to try this out for yourself contact us for a free demo account where you can run Sage 50 accounts 2017 on a Mac or iPad (or Windows), or to find out more get in touch via the contact form above, email or call 01282 500318.

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