SQL Server Hosting

Host your application with a dedicated SQL Server instance in the cloud and pay from just £7 a month for the SQL licence.

Running an application that needs a SQL Server database could be an expensive business if being implemented on site. Typically you would be buying a dedicated server for SQL, plus an application server, then there’s the SQL licence and Client Access Licences (CALs).  There’s probably not much change from £10k.

Luckily SQL Server Hosting from Your Office Anywhere comes to the rescue.   By hosting your application on a dedicated cloud based terminal server (remote desktop server) you can also connect to a dedicated hosted SQL Server instance configured with as much resources as your application needs.

Features and Benefits of SQL Hosting

    • No costly SQL licences to purchase, no costly outlay on hardware
    • Simple low monthly fee to host the application including SQL licences, (Just  £32.50 per user)
    • Simple low monthly fee to host the SQL Server instance (£40 for an instance with 2GB RAM)
    • Flexibility to increase user numbers up or down as your business needs, no contracts.
    • SQL Server Hosting provides genuine cost savings against on site infrastructure.

    • Then run your application from anywhere in the world over the Internet and on any device.

Why you should move to SQL Hosting with Your Office Anywhere

The reason we can provide a hosted SQL Server at such incredibly low prices is due to the economies of scale of our hosting platform. We take the hit for the outlay of SQL and Windows data centre licences allowing us to provide you with a dedicated terminal server and SQL Server hosting at a fraction of the cost of purchasing perpetual licences and hardware.

We also provide 24/7 support for critical issues and with SQL DBAs as part of our support team we provide that little bit extra when it comes to understanding the nuances of SQL Server.

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