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VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is one of those computing terms that means different things to different people.   Technically speaking it is the provision of a virtual Windows desktop operating system for users to run their applications instead of running them on their PC.  It is commonly used by organisations with many disparate offices that need to centralise their data.

We don’t actually provide VDI solutions we provide hosted desktops which are cheaper, more flexible, easier to manage and maintain and provide better performance for the users; but we realise that people searching for a hosted solution will want to know more about different flavours of virtual desktops.

This article explains in detail the differences between VDI and Hosted Desktops but as a quick summary the bullet points below show why for most businesses Hosted Desktops are a better option.

Benefits of Hosted Desktop over Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • With VDI every user has their own operating system using desktop virtualisation, so if you have 10 users, that’s 10 systems to maintain, 10 x the required storage and 10 x the CPU/Memory requirements
  • With Hosted Desktops there is just 1 operating system, Windows Server 2012.  Every user logs on to their own desktop on the server and has their own profiles, but there is only one system to maintain, everything runs on the same server.
  • If you install a new version of your software, for hosted desktops you do this once, for virtual desktops you have to do it for each user.
  • Applications running on a virtual desktop solution may require a separate central application server or database server that all the virtual desktops can connect to, creating a more complex architecture.   In a Hosted Desktop environment the application or database can be on the same server as the users, keeping things simple.  Although the option still remains for additional servers if required.
  • A virtual desktop requires a Windows desktop operating system licence which isn’t available as a subscription licence so need to be purchase outright.  With our hosted desktop solution Windows CALs can just be rented on a month by month basis with no long term contracts.

VDI Simplified

Desktop virtualisation is a complex subject but at Your Office Anywhere we have simplified everything.  You don’t need to know the complexities of the virtual desktop infrastructure, we do all that for you.  All you need to worry about is what applications does your business need and how many people need them.  We look after the rest and at prices starting at just £25.50 per user for your complete VDI solution using hosted desktops you don’t even need to worry about the cost.

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