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Server Ready in 5 days or we’ll refund the setup fee

During this pandemic the UK devolved governments are making decisions that may have a dramatic effect on your business, and often with just a few days’ notice. Many businesses are turning to hosted remote desktops (Desktop as a Service) to move their business-critical applications “to the cloud” to give them the flexibility to run their businesses from anywhere.

As one of the country’s longest established hosted desktop provider we recognise that getting up and running quickly is paramount. However, we have heard that some other providers are not taking this as seriously, with turnaround times of 4—6 weeks. So, we wanted to reassure customers that we will continue to have new servers built and ready within our standard SLA of 5 working days. If we fail to do that then we will refund the £125 setup fee.

Of course, there is a difference between the server being ready and you going live on it. For example, you may need the services of your software vendor to complete an install which is obviously outside of our control, so to avoid doubt, here are the conditions of this guarantee.

Simple conditions

Your server will be ready for you and your users to logon, plus any standard applications installed (e.g. Microsoft Office, Sage 50 Accounts) within 5 working days or we will waive our £125 setup fee. Once Ready we will then work with you to schedule the transfer of data and a Go-Live date that suits you.

The 5 working days start from the customer completing a Customer Information and System Requirements form, Signing the quote along with Terms and Conditions and Service Level Agreement, and completing and signing a Direct Debit mandate.

Building a new system often requires some input from the customer or their software vendor, and there may be some questions and clarifications required before we can hand over the server. Therefore, this guarantee is dependent upon the customer and their third party providers responding to questions in a timely manner.

Where you are moving large amounts of data, migrating email accounts, or transferring complex databases, this needs to be managed carefully and will not necessarily happen within the 5 days, but to a schedule agreed with you. The guarantee is that the server will be ready for these activities to happen, not that you will necessarily go live within 5 days. We will of course work with you to complete these tasks to suit your timescales, we totally understand the need to get up and running as quickly as possible.

If you are having software installed by a third party then the server will be ready to hand over to them within the 5 working days so they can schedule their install. We have no control over how quickly the third party can complete this activity.