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Swiftpage Sage ACT! CRM Software Version 16 release.

ACT! CRM software was recently purchased from Sage (who were no longer developing the software) by Denver based Swiftpage (or Sw!ftpage). ACT! CRM software was then updated with version 16 of the software being released in September 2013.

Sw!ftpage ACT! Sage ACT!

Access ACT! software from Anywhere with YourOfficeAnyWhere’s remote desktop and remote applications solution

Like previous versions of ACT! version 16 is still a client server based system which supports up to 10 users in the PRO version and more than 10 users with the premium version, however the premium version includes support for web based clients. ACT! Premium requires a Windows Server to allow this to work and although supported on Windows Clients in reality ACT! Pro is best served by a Window Server operating system that each PC in the office connects to.

With the uptake of cloud computing increasing month on month, fewer companies are running in house servers therefore these customers need to think about how they provide an ACT! CRM solution to their employees and YourOfficeAnyWhere provides this solution with our Remote Desktop or Remote Application solution. This allows companies to run full copies of ACT! (like you would on your desktop PC connected to a server in the office) from ANYWHERE there is an Internet connection. For ACT! premium users we can also provide web based access and also the standard ACT! client software so you can chose how a user will connect to the system. We will install the ACT! software for you and activate it with your license keys. As well as ACT! version 16 we support older versions of the product on our platform.

For customers who don’t want to pay the additional license fees for ACT! Premium and want the feature rich solution of the full client our solution allows them to do this as well and gives them mobile access to the software from PC’s, MAC and tablet devices using iTap software for iPad and Android devices. So from as little as £28.50 per user per month (at the time of writing this article) you can have access to your Switftpage ACT! solution from anywhere you can get an Internet connection and this includes a Outlook running alongside the hosted ACT! software. For details on pricing for the web based client please call the office who will discuss your requirements and provide a quote for this and advise on the best solution for you.

If you would like to understand this in more detail please contact the office here the sales team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you.