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Hosted Desktop

Business systems and applications can be accessed from anywhere and on any device with a dedicated hosted server running Windows Terminal Services or Remote Desktop.   This paper explains what hosted desktops are, how they work and how users can access their applications.  In addition it details the infrastructure and support that underpin the Your Office Anywhere platform.

Hosted Microsoft Access

Either for professional Microsoft Access developers looking for a cost effective platform to help sell their application; or for businesses who have developed their own Access database and now want to share it amongst colleagues as well as having access to it from anywhere over the Internet.   This paper explains how you can use the Your Office Anywhere platform to host your Access database and application.

Hosted Desktop for Charities

Charities have the same IT needs as any other business and need to allocate their funds carefully.   This paper explains how Hosted Desktops provide a very cost efficient platform for the organisations systems and data, taking advantage of discounted licence costs, as well as providing the ability to run the applications on any device and anywhere with Internet Access.

Hosted Exchange

This paper details how SMEs can benefit from the Enterprise level email, calendaring and collaboration functionality of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange without having to invest in on-premises Exchange servers and associated support costs.

One Drive for Business with Hosted SharePoint

Cloud based storage is common place but for some organisations there is a requirement to keep data in the UK to meet data protection policies.   This paper explains the features and benefits of hosted SharePoint with OneDrive for Business to provide secure web based access to documents along with offline editing and synchronisation.

Hosted SQL Server

SQL server will make up a significant part of the overall cost of ownership of an application; both the server and the Microsoft licences.  By hosting your application and talking advantage of the economies of scale of hosted SQL server it can make the overall cost of running an application a lot more affordable.  Download this white paper to compare the costs and benefits of hosted SQL server with on-premise.

Private Managed Cloud

You need IT infrastructure to support the systems, applications and data to run your business, but does this mean you need a whole IT department.   Private Managed Cloud not only gives you the infrastructure, but also provides you with the day to day support and maintenance of it, reducing your overall costs.  This paper explains how.

Hosted Applications

Application hosting uses Microsoft Windows Terminal Services or Remote Desktop services to enable you to run almost any Windows application as if it was on your local computer, when in fact it is running on a server “In the Cloud”, or in reality in our UK Data Centre.

Hosted Sage

Sage is used by thousands to run their business accounts, but to share it properly with colleagues generally requires a server.   While Sage have a pseudo cloud solution with Sage drive, this has its limitations and isn’t without problems (or outages).   Running Sage on hosted desktops offers an ideal solution. This White Paper explains how hosting Sage on servers with Your Office Anywhere not only allows you to access your Sage anywhere in the world, and on any device, but also the additional benefits of not having to maintain, backup, upgrade and support your own on site server.

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