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We had an enquiry from a customer recently who was interested in moving his Sage hosting from another provider – Online50 – as they had just put their prices up. He asked how much it would cost to host Sage 50 Accounts for 3 people. We quoted £76.50 per month ( £28.50 per user). The customer was astounded as he was being asked to pay almost £180 for the same thing.

So, after doing a bit of research into Online50s Sage Online pricing and other Sage hosting providers I was very pleased that I couldn’t find anyone who offered a better price or better value for money than us. Of course I may have missed someone so I also want to add at this point that if you’re looking for Sage Hosting and do find someone cheaper for the same service we will match or beat their pricing.

So why does Your Office Anywhere offer the best pricing for Sage Hosting?

Sage hosting uses hosted remote desktops – sometimes known as hosted desktops – to run Sage in exactly the same way as it would if installed on your PC. The technology allows multiple people to connect and run Sage at once, and they can run it on any device. 

Your Office Anywhere have been hosting remote desktops for about as long as it has been possible to do so. Hosted desktops are all we do, so we have been able to build up an efficient organisation and benefit from the economies of scale of having hundreds of remote desktop servers and thousands of user.


We own all our own equipment, servers, storage, firewall and networks. We don’t outsource our hardware to Microsoft or Amazon


We’re also not greedy. Like all our competitors, including Online50, we have had to occasionally increase prices to cover rising costs, but where we can we try to absorb those costs. For example, Microsoft licences make up a good chunk of the £28.50 price we charge, last January Microsoft increased licence costs by 14% because of the week pound, we absorbed most of that and only increased by 7%. In previous years we have totally absorbed any Microsoft price rises. This year Microsoft increased by 20% but again our customers are not paying any more.


We don’t just host Sage 50 Accounts, we host hundreds of other applications and can in fact host nearly any Windows desktop application, and as mentioned we’ve been doing this a long time. So, we buy thousands of Microsoft Remote Desktop licences and can therefore negotiate the best prices for these.


So is everything included in the £28.50 per user per month price?


Absolutely, yes, everything except the Sage licence itself, and we can even get you excellent prices for that.


That price includes everything you need to run your Sage 50 Accounts (any version or edition) including:


  • Running your full desktop version of Sage on a hosted remote desktop
  • Access the application from any of the following
    • Windows PC including a full remote desktop, or run Sage as a RemoteApp or even run it in a browser
    • Mac, iPad, iPhone
    • Android Tablet, Phone
    • Linux
  • As many users connecting at once as you need (or your Sage licence covers)
  • Access it from anywhere in the world over the Internet
  • We backup your Sage data and your Sage backup files to a second data centre
  • We’re ISO 27001 certified (including GDPR) and we use an ISO 27001 certified data centre
  • We manage and support your dedicated remote desktop server including managed Anti-virus and Windows Updates
  • Complete flexibility, no contracts, increase or decrease user numbers as needed
  • Fully scalable


We do have a one off setup fee of £125 which is a token amount to build your server bespoke, install your applications, and migrate your data over to the new server. But if you want to move to us from another provider we will waive this setup fee.


Our Price Match Promise


We’re confident we can offer the best prices for Sage hosting as well as the best value for money – you know as well as I do that these are not necessarily the same thing – but we are happy to be challenged on that claim. So, if you find another provider that appears to be cheaper let us know and we will match their prices.


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