Who and what are we?

Your Office Anywhere is part of the Cardium Group – a company that has been at the forefront of the technology behind hosted solutions such as remote desktop applications and has led the way in Cloud based computing. No one knows more about out-sourced hosted solutions. We set the bar in professional standards in a field that is constantly evolving. We know that to stand still is to go backwards. We look to provide you with the very latest versions of scalable software to keep you one step ahead of your competitors… The service we provide typically hosts a number of applications and/or databases in our managed service data centre for between 2-200 users. But we can tailor the service to suit your exact requirements. Our in depth knowledge of all things Microsoft is second to none. We turn technology features into tangible benefits for your company. We already provide a Microsoft hosting infrastructure that will support in excess of 10,000 users across a range of sMe businesses. Many of these businesses have developed into the blue chip leaders in their field since their partnership with Your Office Anywhere. We know that moving from a server based system to a hosted Cloud system will be a major step for any company. You may have looked at the feasibility of Cloud based computing for your company and be ready to take the next step. You may simply want to see what the advantages could be and whether it would be wholly appropriate for the way you work. Wherever you are in your decision making process our team will be happy to talk.

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