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Hosted Desktops are the ideal solution for small and medium businesses, replacing traditional small business server type solutions and providing a platform that will enable independent software developers to easily offer a cloud based version of their application without the need for any recoding.

Have you ever thought of becoming a cloud computing reseller? By becoming a cloud computing reseller you can offer your customers a secure, reliable and resilient platform to host any and all of their business applications and you can benefit from an ongoing and (usually) growing revenue stream.


Why resell Cloud Computing with Your Office Anywhere?

For the Customer

  • Easily enable home working
  • Reduced spend on IT, moving to an opex cost rather than upfront capex cost.
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere on any device.
  • Increased security and reliability, reduced risk.

For IT Professionals 

  • Being a cloud computing reseller offers an ongoing stream revenue for as long as the customer remains on the platform.
  • Revenue grows as the customer grows.
  • Resell hosted desktops and maintain credibility and relevance as customer look to you to advise on cloud solutions.

 For Software Developers 


  • Web enable/cloud enable your application with no re-coding.
  • Being a cloud computing reseller allows you to offer Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Remove the barrier to sales of the need to purchase new hardware, Windows licences or SQL Server licences
  • Provide your customer with the complete infrastructure to cloud host your application for a low monthly subscription


Why Resell Cloud Computing with Your Office Anywhere?

Unparalleled support & experience

Your Office Anywhere are first and foremost an IT company, we were the first Microsoft Gold Partner in the North West of England and we understand the challenges for both IT support providers and independent software vendors. So, if you’re considering becoming a cloud computing reseller, we’ve got you covered.

Enjoy more opportunities

Cloud computing could be seen as a risk to the business model of many IT companies but by becoming a cloud computing reseller for Your Office Anywhere you have a real opportunity to not only introduce a secure revenue stream but also to add this prominent service to your portfolio.

Can You Really Make Money Reselling Hosted Desktops?

It is simpler than many people expect learning how to make money by reselling hosted desktops, we’re always here to provide advice and resources for those who need it. So, if you would like to learn more about becoming a cloud computing reseller, feel free to contact us today.

Case Study & Testimonial

I am a freelance Access Database/SQL developer. In 2007, I was commissioned by a large corporation to develop an Access database which would collate sales data from their agencies. It needed to be accessible by multiple users, over multiple sites.

This presented several challenges. The remote site client computers differed from each other wildly, in infrastructure, firewall and security policies, O/S versions and Ms-Access versions; from home users to huge corporate environments with un-cooperative IT departments.
This meant that a typical approach using ODBC to connect the database to a centralised SQL server would be difficult, as supporting end-users in these different environments would not be easy.

We opted to host the database on a Terminal Server to provide a consistent stable platform for all users. As a developer, I wanted to provide a managed solution, where the server would be maintained, backed up, secure, up-to-date and without the hardware outlay, without me having to worry about the physical side of things.

For these reasons I sought a Hosted Terminal Server, and this service has been provided to us by YourOfficeAnywhere since 2008.

The end-users are provided with a locked-down but rich user interface with the pre-configured Ms Access database ready to run. Users can access the database from anywhere regardless of their environment.

To manage the system, as an administrator I can manage the file system to apply database updates or take backups all via RDP.

The application has been running since 2008 and the infrastructure and support provided by YourOfficeAnywhere has been outstanding throughout. The support they provide is first class, and their technical guys are very good at discussing infrastructure ideas and tailoring the system to get it exactly right, and quickly. They also support the end users to help with printer issues or login problems etc.

Their servers are extremely stable and their up-time has been impressive.

I consider the cost of the service to be extremely worthwhile, and far preferable to the alternative costs and hassle of buying and maintaining a dedicated server and Access licences, with all the extra cost that entails.

if you are looking for an Access Developer to build or improve your own database please follow this link.

From £28.50 per month

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