Hosted Desktop For Serviced Office, Managed Offices

Many businesses who provide serviced offices, shared office space and virtual offices are often looking for additional services they can offer their customers.  This may be Wi-Fi Internet, VoIP telephony and increasingly, IT services.    Hosted desktops is a simple service that the office provider can resell to its customers.   With no fixed contracts to tie customers down its flexibility is ideal for small businesses starting out or those with a dynamic and fluctuating workforce.

Here are some great reasons why serviced office providers are offering hosted desktops as part of their portfolio:

  • Minimal initial outlay for your customers

New businesses and small businesses have limited capital available to them, and what they do have they want to spend on the things that’s going to generate income.    Investing thousands and thousands on IT equipment could be a significant risk and it could easily become redundant.   You can’t downsize a server and Microsoft won’t let you give you’re your licences.   Renting IT systems is much more manageable and reduces some of the stress and hassle of starting a business

  • Simple, guaranteed revenue stream

By reselling hosted desktop solutions serviced office providers get a rebate based on a percentage of the monthly rental, and of course this increases as their customers businesses grow.   The invoicing and all the support for the service is handled by Your Office Anywhere, so after the initial introduction there is no effort required in return for the income.

  • No contracts

Unlike many cloud services we don’t tie our customers into long term contracts, they are free to cancel at any point without penalty.   They can also increase and decrease user numbers as often as they like, making it ideal for growing businesses or those operating in seasonal industries.


Moving To Our Service Is Easy and From only £25.50 per Month

For serviced offices moving your customers to hosted desktops is very straightforward, all the setup, installation is done by us and we’ll them with data migration.  It’s also risk free, customers can test their applications with copies of their data to make sure everything works as expected and then cutover with a final data copy when they’re ready.

Hosted desktops cost from as little as £25.50 per user per month, and if you’re reselling hosted desktops to your customer we’ll reward you with a discount or rebate.


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