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Microsoft Office Hosting

and Microsoft 365 / Office 365 Hosting

Microsoft Office is key to your business, being able to run it anywhere is key to your business success.


You and your colleagues can access the full desktop version of Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365/Office 365 on any device, anywhere in the world over the internet. By running Office on a hosted remote desktop service (hosted desktop) you can then integrate Office with any other business application giving you the flexibility to run all your business software “in the cloud”, and remove the need for on-site servers and storage and all the associated support, maintenance and upgrade costs. Read more below to find out how Your Office Anywhere can help you with your Microsoft Office hosting. 


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Microsoft Office Hosting: Benefits of running Office or Microsoft 365* on a Hosted Desktop

    • Run any version of Office by using our Service Provider Licence Agreement (SPLA) Office licence, you’re not tied to only the latest versions. This can be crucial if you want to run legacy applications in the cloud that only integrate with earlier versions of Office.
    • Always run the full desktop version of Office regardless of what device you’re using to connect. Runs on Windows, Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android.
    • Integrate Office or Microsoft 365* with any business application and run them all on the hosted desktop.
    • Microsoft Office 365 hosting allows you to combine the features of Microsoft 365* or Office 365 with the flexibility and scalability of hosted desktops.
    • Open documents instantly from fast networked storage on the remote desktop platform, or connect to your online SharePoint or OneDrive cloud storage using the OneDrive for Business Client.
    • Rent standard Office month by month with no 12 month contractual tie-in. Just requires a standard internet connection, no need for complex networks or VPNs
    • Supports low bandwidth connections. As everything runs on the hosted remote desktop server very little data travels over the internet, just keyboard and mouse clicks one way, and screen refreshes the other.
    • Fully managed and supported by Your Office Anywhere, including backups of your data, anti-virus on the server, managed Windows updates and 24/7 support for critical issues.

*Microsoft 365 On Hosted Desktop

Access your Windows desktop based business applications such as Accounting software, your CRM, Payroll, Stock Control, ERP, whatever it is, on a cloud based Hosted Desktop and…

  • Connect from anywhere in the world
  • Use any device, PC, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Have a flexible and scalable solution with 99.5% uptime guarantee and 24/7 expert support for critical issues

Then, combine this with Office 365 applications using the flagship Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan to get all these great features:

  • Latest versions of Microsoft Office applications for PC, Mac and mobile devices: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, One Note plus Microsoft Access and Publisher for Windows PCs only.
  • Microsoft Exchange Online email service to give you a professional email address with 50GB mailbox plus anti spam and malware filtering using Microsoft Exchange online protection.
  • The Office desktop apps licenced to use on your Hosted Desktop as well as your local PC
  • Online and Mac versions of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint to install on up to 5 mobile devices.
  • Online services including SharePoint, Microsoft Teams for instant messaging and 1TB per user of OneDrive online storage.
  • A host of other security features including device management and Advanced Threat Protection
  • Flexibility to increase and decrease user numbers within the 12-month subscription term, only 1 licence is required to commit to 12 months.
  • Shared Computer Activation (see below)
  • Upgrade rights for Windows 7 PCs to upgrade to Windows 10 for free

Customers with Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Office 365 E3 or E5, can use these licences on the hosted desktop using a feature called Shared Computer Activation. Your Office Anywhere (as a Microsoft Qualified Multi-tenant Hoster) are one of the few hosted desktop providers legally certified to host Office 365 and Microsoft 365. This gives you all the features of Microsoft 365 plus the ability to run the Microsoft Office applications on a hosted desktop alongside your other business applications so you can move your whole business to the cloud and benefit from the multitude of ways of working remotely.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for both your hosted remote desktop environment and your Office 365 or Microsoft 365 licences then let us know and we can source your Office 365 or Microsoft 365 plans for you


We have received great service from Cardium/ YOA for our IT needs. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. They provide us with peace of mind regarding the IT infrastructure we use for our office services. The few IT issues we have encountered over the past six years have been dealt with professionally and resolved quickly.

Andrew McKenzie Smart 


From £29.50 per month(Excl. Office Licence) 

No minimum number of users

No contract

Microsoft Office Hosting FAQs


What is Microsoft 365? How is it different from Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office has been around a long time and is used the world over in businesses, schools, universities and homes.  It is a suite of applications to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, and to manage business emails.   Traditionally individuals would have either purchased a one off “perpetual” licence for Office e.g. Office 2019, or purchased a volume licence where they have a large number of users in a business.  Sometimes paying extra for Software Assurance so that they can upgrade to new versions.

Microsoft 365 is a combination of a subscription method of paying for Office application licences, as well as some additional products and services such as OneDrive online storage, a professional email address and Exchange email hosting with spam filtering, SharePoint for sharing documents (another form of cloud storage) and other services like Microsoft Teams.

There are many different Microsoft 365 plans to fit the needs of different businesses, charities, educational establishments or for personal and family use.


Is Office 365 going away?

No, Microsoft 365 is currently one of Microsoft’s flagship services and is also heavily integrated with the Azure cloud hosting, their other flagship service.


Does Office 365 include Web hosting?

No, Microsoft 365 or Office 365 does not include web hosting. i.e. a service to host your company public facing web site.

Most Microsoft 365 plans do include SharePoint which is a private (to your company) web site to collaborate on documents, news, and other features, and includes 1TB of cloud storage.

Can I switch to other Office 365 plans?

Yes, once you are subscribed to an Office 365 plan you can usually switch to other plans that better suit your business. If you buy your subscription through Your Office Anywhere then we can help change your subscriptions so that you are not tied to a specific plan for 12 months. You can increase and decrease user licences as you need to. You are only committed to having 1 licence for “something” for 12 months.


Does Office 365 have Remote Desktop?

Remote desktops are not something that is included in Office 365 plans (aka Microsoft 365). However, companies with enterprise plans of Microsoft 365 can use those licences on remote desktop hosting services.

Some hosted remote desktop providers are certified to host Microsoft 365 Office applications on their servers. Your Office Anywhere are one of a relatively small number of UK providers who can legally host Microsoft 365 Office apps on their remote desktops


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