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Your Office Anywhere is based in the UK and has been at the forefront of Cloud Hosting, the technology behind hosted desktops and remote desktop services we call “Applications Anywhere”. We have led the way in Desktop as a Service (DaaS) on various platforms not just PC’s. For example using a hosted desktop, you can now run your Windows application on pretty much any device such as tablets (iPad/Android) and Apple MAC. No one knows more about out-sourced hosted systems, we set the bar in hosted desktop professional standards in a field that is constantly evolving.  If you want to find out more about hosted desktops in general, hosted desktop pricing or even becoming a re-seller then take a look:

Become Hosted Desktop Reseller

A hosted desktop allows users to work remotely with instant access to data and applications and all files are secured and backed up.


What is a Hosted Desktop?

The term Hosted Desktop covers a range of technologies and services that are designed to provide a virtual computer desktop environment, with all its range of applications and utilities, that runs not on the individuals PC, but on a hosted computer in a dedicated data centre and accessed over the Internet. Read More