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The IT industry is always changing and IT companies are used to change.  However, the Cloud Computing revolution is significantly changing the whole business model of many IT services companies.   The concept of installing and supporting physical servers on the customer’s premises is fast becoming a thing of the past.   

While services like Office 365 are becoming the household names for Cloud Computing there is so much more to IT than Microsoft Office.

A hosted remote desktop service (hosted desktops) provides a platform to run any application in a cloud environment.  It includes by default all the servers and services needed for the business to securely connect via the Internet and is completely supported.   So does that do away with the need for independent IT Services companies?  On the contrary, here are some of the reasons a small army of IT Companies benefit from reselling Your Office Anywhere hosted desktop

  • Maintaining the customer relationship

We’re totally flexible about how you want to run the relationship with the customer.   You can, if you want, be the main point of contact for the customer and first line for any support calls, escalating to us any issues you need to, with you billing the customer and enjoying a discount from us.    Alternatively we can invoice the customer, pay you a rebate and optionally we can be the first line for support.

  • Guaranteed revenue stream

We would pay you a rebate (or discount) for as long as the customer remains on the platform.   If the customer grows and adds more users, or services, so your revenue grows.   Many of our resellers are enjoying rebates of £hundreds a month just for introducing us to their customer.

  • Secure, Stable and Reliable Platform

As an IT company your reputation is paramount and you’re not going to risk it by recommending a 3rd party service that doesn’t deliver.   Read this article that describes the measures we have in place that allows us to give a 99.5% uptime SLA, although our record since we started hosting almost 10 years ago is well over 99.99%

  • Alternative Platform for Legacy applications

You often hear of companies running legacy applications that are critical to their business but the hardware its running on is at risk of failing.  Or perhaps they want the benefits of cloud computing, i.e. work anywhere, pay as you go, but still run the old versions of their software.   Running the application on a hosted desktop means they don’t need to upgrade their software or buy new hardware.  They can also integrate with older versions of Office, something they can’t do with Office 365.


Moving To Our Service Is Easy and From only £25.50 per Month

Moving to hosted desktops is very straightforward, all the setup, installation is done for you and we’ll help you with data migration.  It’s also risk free, your customers can test their applications with copies of their data to make sure everything works as expected and then cutover with a final data copy when your business users are ready.

Hosted desktops cost from as little as £25.50 per user per month, and if you are reselling this to your customers we’ll reward you with a discount or rebate.


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