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Microsoft Access database hosting – Your Access database online


Share your Microsoft Access database online application with colleagues in your office, in other offices, on the road, or anywhere in the world over the internet without forking out for expensive on site servers, complicated networks, VPNs or re-coding of your application.

Access database hosting from Your Office Anywhere provides you with an enterprise class hosted remote desktop server (terminal server) where you can run Microsoft Access online like a web database and make it available for all your colleagues to use at the same time, no matter where they are.

What’s more, because the only thing to install on their computers is a remote desktop client, which is available for most modern operating systems, your colleagues can use your hosted Access database on any device: Windows, Mac, iPad or Android.


Watch this video to see how easy MS Access hosting actually is!


Online Microsoft Access – 11 good reasons for moving to Microsoft Access database hosting in the cloud

  • The performance of MS Access hosting is equal to or better than running it on your local PC
  • Updates to your online Access database, only need to be applied once on the server, no need to visit every user.
  • Online MS Access hosting is Flexible and Scalable to as many users as your business needs.
  • The infrastructure for hosting Access includes enterprise class Windows servers in secure Tier 3 UK data centre, with reliability and resilience built in.  Your database is backed up at least daily to second site.
  • Like a web based database, if you are on an unfamiliar PC, such as in a hotel or airport, you can run you Access database online from a web browser through our application portal.
  • Cloud enable your business with online Microsoft Access Hosting from Your Office Anywhere.
  • MS Access hosting is available for any version of Access from 2003 up to 2019 and beyond as a web database.
  • All users can work on a hosted Access database at the same time.
  • Hosted Microsoft Access is an online Microsoft Access database so you can work from anywhere in the world over the Internet on any device.
  • Using the Access Runtime licence – which is FREE – you can have a hosted Access database from as little as £29.50 per user per month, with no contracts to tie you in.
  • Hosting Access database applications means no outlay on local servers and associated licences, maintenance, support, upgrades and eventual replacement.


No IT skills required for your MS Access database hosting

It’s popular

Microsoft Access database hosting is one of our most popular services, we’ve supported hosted Access databases online since 2007 with customers from as far afield as Australia, India, US, and Canada all running their Access database online from our Manchester data centres.

We build it for you

Access is a great product for small business to easily develop their own database applications, and with MS Access database hosting it is now really easy to share Access database with no IT skills needed.   We will build the platform and support you all the way.   We can advise on the best way to architect your database to ensure great performance for the lowest licence cost.

From £29.50 per month(Excl. Office Licence) 

No minimum number of users

No contract


Hosting MS Access Database testimonial from one of our customers

Hosted Access Database Solution

I was looking for a solution that would enable easy sharing of a fairly complex MS Access Database across multiple machines and locations.   I wanted to avoid installing my own server with all the cost and management issues that can bring.  I also wanted to be able to scale this as the business grows without having high monthly costs in the interim.  I found the services offered by Your Office Anywhere and they seemed to understand my needs and within 2 weeks, my Access Database was running in the cloud – easy!

I love the ability that this gives me to run MS Remote Desktop on my Mac, therefore allowing me to have my windows database running as an App on my Mac without running a Virtual Machine or Bootcamp.   I can also get my Database on my iPad and my iPhone – with full functionality.

After 6+ months running this system, I have only needed the support team once – and they responded and fixed my issue within hours.  Overall, I would thoroughly recommend this service – it works brilliantly for me

Rob Smith

RS Recycling Ltd


MS Access Database FAQs

How can I access my Access database from another computer?

The best way is to use a remote desktop service.  This is a Windows service that runs on servers that enables multiple users to connect to Access running on that server using remote control software.

A hosted remote desktop service for Access is a managed service that lets you install Access on cloud hosted servers so lots of people can connect and use the Access application over the internet.


What is the use of Microsoft Access database?

Microsoft Access is a database application that enables anyone to very quickly create simple and highly functional databases, and skilled developers to create very professional and robust applications.

Microsoft Access is used by millions of companies worldwide as a cost effective way of creating bespoke line of business applications.


Is Microsoft Access being phased out?

No, Microsoft have recently communicated that they are committed to Microsoft Access for the long term


Is Microsoft Access still relevant 2020?

Very much so.  There are no online or web based database applications that come close to the functionality and flexibility of Microsoft Access.

Using a hosted remote desktop services enables Access to be run in the cloud to get the best of both worlds, the flexibility and scalability of cloud and the feature rich functionality of Access

There are hundreds of thousands of Access developers around the globe which means that it is very easy to get support for an existing database application if a developer stops supporting it or retires.


Does Microsoft Support Access database?

Yes, Microsoft support Access in exactly the same way as they do other Office applications.   There is also a vast community support base, great for getting hints on using code.


Is there an online version of Microsoft Access?

Not in the same way that there is an online version of Word, Excel or Outlook.  However, using a Hosted Remote Desktop Service will enable you to run any Access database online.


Is there a Mac version of Microsoft Access?

No, Microsoft don’t write a version of Access to run on Macs.  However, by running Access on a hosted remote desktop service you can connect to that using a Mac and run Access as if it was installed on your device.


Is there a version of Microsoft Access for iOS, Android, iPad, or Google Chromebook

No, Microsoft don’t write a version of Access to run on iOS or Android operating system.  However, by running Access on a hosted remote desktop service you can connect to that using any of these and run Access as if it was installed on your device.




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