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Hosted Desktop

for Charities

The benefits of Hosted Desktop for charities and Not for Profit organisations

All organisations want to keep costs down, but if you are a charity this is even more important.   Every penny you spend on admin is a penny not spent on charitable work.   Your charity deserves the latest in technology but you also need to focus time and budget on core activities.   Many businesses are already realising the cost savings that cloud computing can bring but if you are a charity the savings are even greater.


How Hosted Desktops for Charities work and how they will save you money


Similar to a typical PC a Hosted Desktop has all your applications, Office, Accounting, Email, HR etc. and all your data, in one place, but that place is “In the Cloud” or in reality, if you host with Your Office Anywhere, in one of our data centres in Manchester.

This means you can access your desktop anywhere there is an Internet Connection, this is great for charities with members working overseas as they can get the same desktop applications as if they were in the office.

Your applications might be Windows based but you can access from any device: PCs, MACs, iPads, Android tablets and Chromebooks which is brilliant if you have volunteers working for your charity as they can bring their own devices, whatever they are.

With hosted desktop you have no local server to buy and maintain, no IT support costs and no upfront licence costs.   


Cloud solutions with significant savings for Not-for-Profit organisations

Many charities and not for profits tender for short term government contracts 1 or 2 years.   If you have to make a one off purchase of IT infrastructure and Software licences this is a big chunk out of your funds, and is potentially wasted when the contract ends.   When you host with Your Office Anywhere there are no long term contracts, you just pay monthly for what you need, and you can flex up or down as circumstances dictate.   

Want to host Microsoft Office 365 on the Hosted Desktop? Speak to us about the Office 365 Non-Profit E3 Plan which is ideal for charities and Non Profits.



A truly reliable Hosted Desktop solution for Charities

We’re flexible

We have been working with charities for over ten years to help those who are trying to make a difference.   In an age where digital communication and internet presence is everything, it’s always important to have a reliable, flexible hosted desktop that helps people to stay connected – wherever they are.

We will get it up & running

On top of our fantastic pricing for hosted desktop for charities, we always take the time to support our clients in which ever way they require – taking the time to help them become familiarised with their new cloud environment and take advantage of all the exciting features.

From £29.50 per month(Excl. Office Licence) 

No minimum number of users

No contract


Hosted Desktop for Charities, testimonial from one of our customers

Hosted Desktop For Charities:

 “Your Office Anywhere was the only organisation I approached that immediately understood Age UK Essex’s zero desktop support strategy. They fully understood the concept of using Chromebooks and other devices (including Windows) to deliver a managed Windows desktop environment to support legacy dependencies that fully integrated with our Google Apps deployment. Your Office Anywhere then went on to work with me to produce a detailed technology specification to a tight budget.   I was impressed with Your Office Anywhere’s “can do” attitude, extensive knowledge and willingness to prototype solutions at low risk to Age UK Essex.   Your Office Anywhere have continued to deliver excellent customer service which is cost effective and responsive.

Robert Stanford

IS Manager of Age UK Essex

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