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Hosted Desktops - From £29.50 a month

Remote Hosted Desktop – Work from literally anywhere. 

Cloud Hosting Services | DaaS

Access and run your shared business applications anywhere, anytime and on any device using remote desktop hosting.

A Hosted Desktop gives you everything you need to run any or all of your business systems in the cloud.   This means you can access them wherever you are: In the office, in a branch office, at home, in a hotel, on the train, anywhere over the internet.

Cloud hosting is rapidly becoming the norm for businesses who want simplicity, flexibility and scalability from their IT.   A Hosted Desktop is a form of cloud hosting that mimics the traditional Windows desktop environment but as a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) model.   So you don’t even need a Windows desktop to run your Windows applications, the hosted desktop will also run on a Mac, iPad, Android Tablet, even on smartphones.

Remote Desktops is a popular model with large corporates with multi million pound IT budgets but now Hosted Desktops can be simply and cheaply deployed for small and medium business, from one man bands upwards.

Businesses adopting cloud hosting in the form of hosted desktops have the potential to halve their IT costs.   Using our hosted remote desktop services removes the need for in house servers and their corresponding support, maintenance, upgrade, and replacement costs.



Watch this video to see why you really need a Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktops – Features and benefits for business

  • Run your business applications anywhere in the world over the Internet.
  • Makes it easy for you and your colleagues to work from home
  • Access your applications on any device – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook
  • Secure, reliable, resilient, UK Datacentres, ISO27001 certified
  • Flexible Working for your company employees
  • Cloud Hosting and DaaS = Cost Savings & Risk Reduction

Your Office Anywhere – More than just a hosted desktop provider

  • Your Office Anywhere are one of the country’s longest established cloud hosting providers. Coming from an enterprise IT consultancy background we treat every customer as an individual, and every hosted desktop setup is bespoke.
  • All our customer’s servers are supported and maintained by us which includes backups, antivirus, patches, updates and 24/7 support for critical issues.
  • We are certified for ISO 27001 for our Information Security Management System, as are the commercial data centres we use to house our equipment, so you know your data is safe with us.
  • In addition to hosted desktops we can provide any level of additional infrastructure to meet your specific requirements.   This includes SQL Servers, Web services, Hosted SharePoint and Hosted Exchange.

Expert help 

Let our certified experts help your business become more efficient

Information wherever you are

Using a hosted desktop is a rapidly growing trend within the business community to ensure that your applications, documents and data are instantly available – wherever you are.   We’ve been building and supporting hosted desktops for over twelve years for customers all over the world.

We take care of it for you

Moving to a hosted desktop solution could be a journey into the unknown, but not with Your Office Anywhere.   We help our clients all the way, from advising them about how hosted desktops works, architecting the right solution, supporting users as they start to use the numerous features within the platform, to scaling the solution as the business grows and develops.

From £29.50 per month(Excl. Office Licence) 

No minimum number of users

No contract

Hosted Desktop FAQs

Do I need to be good with IT to use Hosted Desktops?

No, most of our customers are not IT experts.  Our onboarding team help with the initial setup and our friendly helpdesk team will assist with any technical challenges once you are up and running.


What type of Computer or device do I need to connect to a Hosted Desktop?

You can connect to a Hosted Desktop from most devices including:

  • Windows PC
  • Apple Mac
  • iPad and iOS phones
  • Android tablets, Android phones
  • Google Chromebooks

Do I need a fast broadband connection to use a Hosted Desktop?

Not especially, Hosted Desktops are designed to work on slow connections but if you are concerned about your connection speed please ask to try a demo account.


Can I connect to a Hosted Desktop from abroad?

Yes, you can connect from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.  You can even connect over 4G or 5G.


Can I run any application on a Hosted Desktop?


You can run any Windows application.  Even though we only run supported operating systems in our data centre it is often possible to run programs written for older operating systems.  Ask to try a test server if you have an old or bespoke application.


Is a remote desktop better than TeamViewer?

Yes, TeamViewer is designed to remote control another PC but Hosted Desktops provide so much more, particularly when multiple users need to share a line of business application.   Hosted Desktops are a fully managed service so you never need to worry about IT infrastructure again.


Is a Hosted Desktop secure?

Both Your Office Anywhere and the commercial data centre where we keep our servers are ISO 27001 certified for our Information Security Management system.   This means we have documented processes and procedures to keep data secure and are audited annually to ensure we are following them.


How do I set up a Hosted Desktop?

The set up of the Hosted Desktop is generally done by our onboarding team and we will work with you or your software vendor for complex installs of applications.


How does a cloud desktop work?

We provide you with a dedicated virtual server running Windows Remote Desktop Services.  This is a technology that enables multiple users to connect to a server and run the same applications on it at the same time.  It is perfect for shared database applications where people need to work on the same database from different locations, or even different continents.

Around this server are dozens of other servers to help support, monitor and manager your server enabling you to securely connect over the internet, manage anti-virus and Windows Updates on it as well as backing up all your data.


What is a cloud desktop?

A cloud desktop is a term used to describe a hosted, internet based service running Windows desktops.  Enabling users to run their applications and access their data “in the cloud”.  Other terms used are: Hosted Desktop, Virtual Desktop, VDI, Desktop as a Service, Hosted Remote Desktop, Hosted Terminal Servers.

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