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Sage 50 Cloud Accounts Hosting

Using Sage 50 Cloud: Access your Sage Accounts from anywhere over the internet and on any device.


With Sage 50 in the cloud, our remote desktop platform keeps your data secure while also ensuring that you have 24-hour access, wherever you are. Our Sage 50 hosting package is a fully managed service and we are certified for ISO 27001 Information Security Management plus GDPR.   Our service includes data backups, managed anti-virus, and managed Windows updates.

If you have multiple users of your Sage Accounts system, especially if they are in different locations, or working from home, or you simply want to work on your accounts at the weekend then you need an effective Sage 50 cloud solution.


Watch this video to learn how Sage 50 account hosting works:


Sage 50 Cloud: 7 great reasons why running Sage in the Cloud will help your business

    • No IT skills required – We will set up your hosted Sage Cloud system, restore your data and help your transition to Sage in the Cloud.
    • Simple per user monthly fee with no contracts on your Sage 50 Cloud.
    • With Sage in the cloud, you can increase or decrease users as needed for your business
    • Our Sage in the Cloud solution includes Backups, Anti-virus, Windows updates and 24/7 support for critical issues.
    • We declare all Microsoft licences required for Sage 50 Cloud for you.
    • No complicated VPNs to worry about, you can even access your Sage in the cloud system from a web portal if you are away from your normal computer.
    • Sage Cloud is totally secure, data is encrypted over the Internet. Your Office Anywhere and our data centres are certified to ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.

Want to run Sage 50 Cloud on a Mac?

You can run Sage Cloud on a Mac with no problems using our Sage hosting service. Why not take a look at how this works here.


Trust in our extensive experience hosting Sage in the Cloud

Your Office Anywhere have been hosting Sage Cloud Accounts for our customers for a long time. Long before anyone coined the term Cloud Computing. Using Microsoft Terminal Services our Sage Cloud system provides a very stable, reliable, resilient and secure platform for your company’s accounting package. We’ve heard of many businesses having issues with Sage Drive, synchronisation issues, database corruption.   These things just don’t happen on a hosted Sage 50 cloud platform as everything is running on the same server.

From £29.50 per month(Excl. Office Licence) 

No minimum number of users

No contract


Sage on a Hosted Desktop testimonial

Hosted Sage Solution

When we opened a second distribution depot we really needed access to Sage in both places. Sage Drive didn’t work for us due to having bad internet upload speed, it made data transfer slow and kept crashing. YOA was the perfect solution, this allowed access across the two sites but also it enabled working from home. Set up was very easy and if we had a problem they were quick to resolve it.

Rose Seymour

Finance Manager


Sage Accounts Hosting FAQs

What is the difference between Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50cloud?

Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Cloud Accounts are nearly identical in terms of the software. The software still has to be installed on your PC regardless of the version.  Sage 50 Cloud Accounts isn’t a web-based application in the way some browser based apps are.

Sage 50 Cloud has some additional features that save your data to the cloud and enable that data to be synchronised to another PC also running your version of Sage 50 Cloud Accounts, and back again.  This may reduce your need to have a local “file server” to share your Sage database with colleagues.

When data is synchronised between one PC and another using the cloud there is a risk of data corruption which will require a support call to Sage.  Running Sage on a hosted remote desktop service eliminates the need for synchronisation and the risk of corruption from it.


How does Sage 50 Cloud work?

Sage 50 Cloud Accounts is not a cloud based application but the Sage data is synchronised to other PCs in your office (or remotely) using the cloud.

The Sage 50 Accounts software is installed on each computer in your company that needs to run it. When information is saved to the Sage database on one PC it is (almost) simultaneously copied up to cloud based servers and then copied back down to all other PCs in your organisation.  When they make a change their data is then synchronised back to the cloud and then back to all the other PCs.

There is a lot of syncing and it relies on stable and reasonably fast internet connections, 2mbps or above,

If an update to Sage 50 Cloud Accounts is required this must be installed on all the PCs in the organisation before syncing next.


Do you have to renew sage every year?

Sage 50 Cloud Accounts is a subscription licence which means that you need to renew it each year in order to carry on using it.

If you have a perpetual licence for example Sage 50 Account v27 then you do not need to renew this however, there may be some features that are only introduced into the subscription version for example changes to deal with exporting after Brexit.


How do I access Sage 50 online?

The best way to access Sage 50 online is to use a hosted remote desktop service. This allows you and all your colleagues to run Sage remotely on hosted servers enabling access from anywhere in the world on any device.

Sage 50 Accounts is not a cloud based application is needs to be installed on a computer, not run from a web browser or smartphone like other cloud apps.  However, using a hosted remote desktop gives you that functionality, connecting to Sage remotely and running it as if it was installed on your computer but it is in fact installed on hosted Windows servers “in the cloud”.


Can I run Sage on a Mac?

Sage don’t write a version of Sage 50 Accounts for Mac OS or indeed any other operating system other than Windows.

The best way to run Sage on a Mac is to use a hosted remote desktop service. This is superior to running it using bootcamp or parallels.


Can I run Sage on iPad, Android, iPhone, or Chromebook?

Sage don’t write a version of Sage 50 Accounts for iOS or Android or indeed any other operating system other than Windows.

The best way to run Sage on any of these devices is to use a hosted remote desktop service. 


Does Sage 50 cloud need a server?

Sage 50 Cloud is a feature of Sage 50 Cloud Accounts designed to allow people to share Sage data without a server.  It works by synchronising data to the cloud from each PC and back down to any other PCs.

Some companies have problems with Sage 50 cloud, or Sage Drive, Your Office Anywhere provide a robust and stable way of running Sage in the cloud on hosted servers that avoids completely the problems with Sage Drive synchronisation


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